‘American Idol’ Fans Slam Judges For Rejecting Mikey Burson

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American Idol fans have slammed the judges for rejecting contestant Mikey Burson. After a few emotional and energetic performances on the ABC singing reality show, it was Mikey’s turn to impress the judges. The 22-year-old from Nashville showed off his soulful voice and received praise from the judges. However, despite receiving praise, he was denied the golden ticket to Hollywood. Keep reading to find out the details!

American Idol Judges Applaud Mikey Burson’s Performance

Mikey took the center stage and performed a song by Foreigner while his mother played the piano. The duo revealed before the judges that they do gigs together on classic rock and other genres. More so, Mikey’s incredible singing skills got him a round of applause from the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

Katy Perry Mikey Burson American Idol Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Talking about his singing, Luke said, “It’s got the vibe of lounge music.” Katy Perry too praised the aspiring singer. She said, “I don’t know who you are as an artist yet I know that you can sing. I don’t ever want to go to karaoke with you because you will kill it. But a karaoke star doesn’t make American Idol star.”

Fans Want American Idol To Give Mikey A Chance

Both Luke and Katy gave Mikey a no stating that he is in the discovery phase of his career. The only one to say yes was Lionel. So, it is decided that Mikey Burson isn’t going to Hollywood with his mother. Despite getting a standing ovation from the three judges, Mikey and his mother failed to get the golden ticket.

This didn’t sit well with fans that loved his performance and slammed the judges on social media for their decision.

One user said, “Can’t believe Mikey didn’t go through. Did Luke and Katy go deaf???”

“Mikey was a good singer… Like Jesus Christ give the guy a chance,” said another fan.

A third enraged fan noted, “Wtf he didn’t make it?? Is tonight bizarro night??”

Finally, a fourth fan added, “Mikey probably would’ve gotten a yes if the Mom wasn’t there.”

Mikey Burson Is Viral On Social Media

However, Mikey Burson has a big fan following and is already a successful artist on social media. He is a viral single whose TikTok videos have 2 Million+ views. He is also a lead vocalist in a boy band named The Spills. His band has performed in different cities and even released an original single, Off Key.

Mikey Burson American Idol Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

As seen on his Instagram account, Mikey is in a relationship with Caileen Rose Dollard. He often shares cute pictures with his girlfriend on social media.

Do you think Mikey Burson deserved a chance on American Idol Season 21? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Give the boy a chance!! He is better than virtually all the other singers!! Do you realize how difficult Cold As Ice was to sing? He crushed it!! Let him in!!

    1. He definitely has the talent. I was shocked he didn’t get the Hollywood ticket. I hope they give him another chance because the man can sing.

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