When Did Amy Halterman Start Excluding Michael?

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It did not go unnoticed that Amy Halterman snubbed her husband Michael in her most recent Instagram post. Fans are in agreement this was her way of confirming their marriage is on the rocks and possibly over. But, some fans are wondering when did this relationship actually take a nose dive. When did Amy start excluding Michael from her Instagram activity?

Doing a quick scroll through her profile, fans realize Michael isn’t really in thumbnails from anything recent she’s posted on her profile. And, fans think that is very telling of when the relationship may have taken a turn for the worse.

When did Amy Halterman start excluding Michael? Keep reading for a rundown.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

When did Amy Halterman start excluding her husband?

At first glance, it appears as if Michael may have been in the picture last around Christmas time. After all, he was in the photo with the boys and Santa Claus. Amy, however, did NOT include Michael in the thumbnail of her Instagram post. The first picture she uploaded was just the boys with Santa.

About ten weeks ago (around the same time as when she posted the Christmas photos), she also posted a collection of selfies of herself using different Snapchat filters. While her children were in some of the photos, her husband was nowhere to be found. Likewise, her Snapchat filter photos were not giving very happily married vibes. In fact, some of them were giving more “single and sexy.”

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Roughly 13 weeks ago, during Glenn’s five-month milestone, Amy Halterman did include her husband Michael in the caption. She penned in the caption:

Happy 5 months Glenn!!!! I still can’t believe how much gage and you have grown! MUm, dada, and brother love you so much!

So, based on her Instagram activity… Fans assume it was sometime in January or February that Amy decided to pack up the boys and leave her husband Michael. This is, however, assuming the rumors they are not together anymore are actually true.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Scrolling further back, Michael used to show up in photos from time to time on her Instagram profile. Unfortunately, it appears as if something happened sometime after Christmas between Michael and Amy.

Do you think this relationship is over? Or, is this just a TLC storyline? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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