Real Reason Janelle & Kody Brown Are Not Divorced Yet?

Janelle brown - Kody Brown - Youtube

There is a very big difference between the status of Kody’s relationship with Janelle and the status of his relationship with Christine and Meri. Kody Brown is legally divorced from Meri. He has been since he divorced her to legally marry Robyn. And, he doesn’t consider himself to be spiritually married to her anymore either.

Kody Brown and Christine, on the other hand, are about as divorced as divorced can get. On the last season of the show, Robyn argued they weren’t technically divorced in the eyes of their faith until she crawled into bed with another man. Sister Wives fans assume that is no longer an issue based on how happy Christine is with her new man, David.

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Janelle Brown, however, is not technically divorced from Kody just yet. On the show, the two explained that they were separated. So, technically the two are still spiritually married and she’s still Robyn’s sister wife.

Naturally, the big question Sister Wives fans have is really simple: Why hasn’t Janelle Brown pulled the rip cord and ended this relationship? Why is she still married to him? Turns out, the “why” might be pretty simple.

Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Youtube
Janelle Brown – Kody Brown – Youtube

Why is Janelle Brown still married to Kody?

For Christine Brown, divorcing Kody and walking away was easy. She didn’t believe in polygamy anymore. She wanted to be in a relationship with a man that she didn’t have to share with anyone else. Some fans speculate the real reason Christine and Kody didn’t work out is that she was supposed to be the third and final wife that got all of his attention. That went out the window when Robyn came on board.

Janelle, however, hasn’t denounced polygamy in the same way that Christine has. So, walking away from Kody and considering herself not spiritually married isn’t as easy for her.

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Sister Wives fans believe a few different things could happen to this relationship. Kody and Janelle could decide to go before the church and ask for a divorce. Janelle could decide to walk away from polygamy and Kody. Or, the two may actually work things out and get back together.

Presently, however, fans believe Janelle Brown’s faith is the real reason she hasn’t completely left Kody.

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What do you think will come of Janelle and Kody’s relationship? Will Janelle find another plural family or walk away from polygamy too? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.


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