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Pete Davidson & Chase Sui-Wonders Crash Car Into A House

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Kim Kardashian’s former flame Pete Davidson and his newest girlfriend, Chase Sui-Wonders, had a rough weekend after crashing a car into the side of a house in Beverly Hills! Naturally, there are a few big questions fans of the comedian have including whether Pete and Chase are alright following the car accident. Likewise, fans wonder what exactly happened that caused them to crash into a house.

Scroll down and keep reading for what details have been made available about this shocking car accident.

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui-Wonders crash car into a house

Speaking to law enforcement, TMZ learned that Pete Davidson and his girlfriend got into a car accident on Saturday night. The accident happened at roughly 11 P.M. in Beverly Hills. Per TMZ, Pete Davidson was behind the wheel and he was reportedly driving a Mercedes at a high speed when he slammed into the side of a house.

Pete Davidson [New York Giants | YouTube]
[New York Giants | YouTube]
For a reportedly unknown reason, Pete Davidson lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle hopped a curb, crashed through a fire hydrant, and then slammed into the side of a nearby home.

Photos obtained by TMZ reveal Pete Davidson’s vehicle did not crash completely into the home. But, it did cause damage to the outside of the home as well as to the lawn. Fortunately, no one was injured in this scary accident. This includes Pete, his girlfriend, and anyone in or around the home.

TMZ confirms cops were called and responded when the accident occurred.

A first look at the accident reveals that neither drugs nor alcohol were believed to have come into play as far as how this accident occurred. Police, however, are investigating the accident to see what happened that caused Pete to lose control and crash into a house. Sources on the scene confirmed to TMZ that neither Pete nor his girlfriend Chase were arrested. Likewise, they have not received any citations for the accident either.

Fans of the comedian can only wonder what the homeowners might’ve been thinking when none other than Pete Davidson knocks on their door after crashing into their home. TMZ did reach out to reps of both Pete and his girlfriend Chase for a comment on the accident or what happens next. But, they did not receive a response as of yet.

Are you happy to know Pete and his girlfriend Chase are alright after crashing into the side of a house?

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