Will Bravo Fire Raquel Leviss After ‘VPR’ Cheating Scandal?

Raquel Leviss [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]

Raquel Leviss’ fate on Vanderpump Rules is coming out. The SUR-ver has been at the center of drama for her role in Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s split. Raquel had a reported seven-month affair with Sandoval. On Friday, the news broke and it’s all that fans can think about.

Andy Cohen shared his thoughts on the drama surrounding the Bravo series. He also talked about whether Raquel will still be on the show from here on out. Some fans have been demanding Bravo fire the former beauty pageant queen. They think she shouldn’t be part of the cast anymore.

Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay & Raquel Leviss [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram]

Andy Cohen talks Raquel Leviss’ future

On Monday, March 6, Andy Cohen opened up about the Vanderpump Rules affair that’s rocked the Bravo Universe. He shared his thoughts on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. Andy talked about whether Raquel Leviss will get fired for the affair. He admitted that he has no say in her future.

“I have no plans to do anything because I am no longer involved in ‘Vanderpump Rules’ besides being a huge fan and hosting the reunions,” Andy Cohen said. “I’m only a reunion guy.”

Raquel Leviss Reunion Selfie [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram]
He admitted that he stopped working on VPR around Season 6 or Season 7. This comes after Bravo fans have called for Andy and the network to fire Raquel and Sandoval. The TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s co-manager has had multiple affairs in the past. What brought the ratings to the show is that the cast has slept with one another and cheated on one another.

Also, according to the reports, Raquel Leviss has secured three more seasons of Vanderpump Rules because of what happened. Producers got the cameras rolling in light of the shocking news. They wanted to film the fallout of Sandoval and Ariana’s relationship and the situation surrounding Raquel. They also want to fit some of the scenes into Season 10 of VPR.

Bravo fans call for firing

The Bravo fans have been outspoken on social media. They haven’t stopped refreshing their timelines since the news is still ongoing. Many have taken to Twitter to demand Bravo fire Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval. They want both removed from the show because of how they hurt Ariana and their cast members.

  • “The Toms & Raquel should be fired for manipulating and fabricating false storylines to keep this dark secret. They tried to outsmart production and withhold their true personal lives and still collect their check. This is aside from ruining everyone they love for sport.”
  • “Somebody PLEASE fire Raquel. Building story lines off multiple women via their spouses/partners is pathetic. Time to show true support for Katie [Maloney] and Ariana. Underneath that dumb blonde routine was a conniving p.o.s. Who needs to go!”
  • “Fire His A** and Raquel Let them Rude [sic] into the Sunset.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Bravo should fire Raquel Leviss? What are your thoughts on Sandoval’s role in the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. i agree Raquel and Tom should be fired. They manipulated The cast and the crew for months just like Robin did

    1. Did they fire Jax or Kristen for what they did on the show? Neither one of them should be fired. I’m assuming Bravo knows that if they do they are opening themselves up for lawsuits considering what went on in the show previously.

  2. Disgusting. Tom Sandoval & Raquel are POS. Fire them and that wishy washy whiny Tom Schwartz. Both Tom’s are cringey and thoroughly unlikeable & talentless. I will never patronize TomTom or Schwartz and Sandy’s (what a stupid name). I am boycotting them and their establishments. It shouldn’t be a surprise though because Tom Sandoval cheated on then girlfriend Kristen D. with Ariana. You know what they say if they can do it with you, they can do it to you. And as for Raquel, she is just plain ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. What a vapid fame-whore who will open her legs to any VPR man just to secure her storyline on the show. Fire her and the two tweedle-Tom’s please. The rest of the VPR cast mates should refuse to film with the Tom’s and that fake pious “I just want to work with children” Raqwitch. That “intimate” video of Raqwitch will probably be leaked somewhere. What a traitor and betrayer. Bring back Stassi, Beau & even Kristen. #TeamAriana

  3. James Kennedy sure did dodge a bullet when he didn’t marry that conniving fame-whore Raqwitch. Fire her and the two talentless Tweedle-Tom’s PLEASE.

  4. It would be an injustice for all of the real cast sharing their real lives to keep these wastes of oxygens breathing on the show like the retched parasites they are!! Toms a sociopath that thinks his lame ass should be worshiped and that bravo needs him more than he needs bravo and Rachel is a gutter tramp that plays dumb and has opened her legs to EVERY guy on staff and prob even off. Rachel then tries making it about herself she’s getting help and needs to focus on her self with that dumb doe in the headlights look in her eyes…..lol she needs to focus on OTHERS and how her actions effect others she worries enough about herself…..it’s probably how she received 12th place in the pageant world…..on her back….SHOW THESE losers they’re wrong bravo and that you care more about you viewers And the other casts members than to pay another cent on this super slut fan and this sociopath Tom!!!!!!!!!

  5. Did they fire Jax or Kristen for what they did on the show? Neither one of them should be fired. I’m assuming Bravo knows that if they do they are opening themselves up for lawsuits considering what went on in the show previously.

  6. Did they fire Jax or Kristen for what they did on the show? Neither one of them should be fired. I’m assuming Bravo knows that if they do they are opening themselves up for lawsuits considering what went on in the show previously.

  7. For sure fire the Toms. They are repulsive even before the scandal. Especially the last two seasons I can’t believe their trash talk. Always fitting in the “f” word in when talking even to Lisa Vanderpump who definitely favours them over the ladies on the show, who I know don’t swear like the Toms do in front of her. This will be my last season if Toms and that giraffe are still a part of the cast.

  8. Bravo needs to let Tom and Racheal go, there is to much hate between the others to make them work side by side with these two. No story line would with these two in it would make me want to watch them. Ariana and Katie new launching of their sandwich shop would fill the gap, lala having new adventures being single and truly I would rather get to know James’s new girl then ever set my eyes on Tom and Racheal ( who changes their name to Raquel )
    Make good decisions Bravo, you may lose your audience for future seasons
    And by the way it’s totally not about the affair, it’s the lying to one of the most adored people on the show, honesty would have made a different outcome had truth just been told to ariana

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