Raquel Leviss’ Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

Raquel Leviss [Source: Instagram]

Raquel Leviss can’t escape from her past. The Vanderpump Rules star was exposed again. This comes on the heels of her explosive affair with Tom Sandoval. Keep on reading for new details.

Pump Rules fans learn her real identity

It’s common for people to change their names before entering the entertainment industry. Fans found out that Raquel Leviss’ identity is a lie. They were already in shock when her affair with Tom Sandoval broke on Friday. Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s relationship ended as a result of it.

Raquel Leviss & Scheana Shay [Source: Instagram]
[Source: Instagram]
Raquel Leviss hasn’t been upfront with a lot of things going on with her lately. Fans thought she wanted Katie Maloney’s ex-hubby Tom Schwartz. They had no idea that she had a different identity all this time. VPR fans got to know her as James Kennedy’s girlfriend.

The former couple first started dating in 2015. They celebrated their engagement in 2021 in a Coachella-themed event thrown by Sandoval himself. The two ended their engagement seven months later. Raquel Leviss has been living a lie.

Scheana Shay & Raquel Leviss [Source: Instagram]
[Source: Instagram]
On this season of Vanderpump Rules Season 10, she gets entangled with Peter Madrigal, Schwartz, and Sandoval. Raquel also makes out with Garcelle Beauvais’ married son Oliver Saunders. One TikTok user found out that Raquel also lied about her name. Her husband revealed that he went to high school with her and she was known as Rachel.


Raquel Leviss is really Rachel Leviss. Pump Rules fans are now referring to her as “Rachel” on the hashtag on social media. It’s unclear why she wanted to change her name. Maybe she assumed that “Raquel” sounded mature and sophisticated for reality television.

The Vanderpump Rules cast isn’t fooled by her sweet and innocent act. They’re ready to take her own at the Season 10 reunion. Many of them have already called her out on social media. Both Lala Kent and James Kennedy have been granted permission from Ariana to drag Raquel and Sandoval.

Raquel Leviss tries to rehab her image

On Sunday, March 5, pop culture Instagram page Deux Moi shared on its Stories that Raquel Leviss is rumored to rehab her image. She fired her PR team and hired a new one who is helping her rewrite the narrative on her apology tour. Raquel plans to claim that Sandoval took advantage of her and leaked her lewd video without her consent.

Once again, the Pump Rules cast and fans aren’t buying it. They want Raquel Leviss to own up to her behavior at the reunion. Meanwhile, host Andy Cohen asked fans how many is too many parts for the reunion. He also scheduled an emergency interview with Lisa Vanderpump on Watch What Happens Live this coming Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on Raquel Leviss’ past coming back to haunt her? Does it surprise you that she lied about her name? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Why would changing her name surprise anyone? Everything about her is fake. Why would anything be real or the truth? She is one of those dumb girls who is also conniving. She knows she got nothing but her body and she isn’t going to age well. Tom is going to regret losing Ariana. Big time! Ariana will be snatched up by some real man, not a wannabe narcissist Peter Pan. Someday she’ll realize this wasn’t the best thing to happen to her. Tom and Rachel will never be happy. Both are insecure and are incapable of true love. Fire them both and see how long this love story lasts. *GAG*

    1. Lauren Elyse Burningham in case every one forgot thats lala’s real name they all change their names

  2. I would love to see the Tom’s have to give Katie and Ariana their share of both bars /restaurant as they are intitaled to their share since they were in committed relationships through all the process. I’m sure they have the. best lawyers.

  3. I’d love to see Katie and Ariana claim a portion of the business’s as well however, they better hurry as Scandovol is managing to drive them into the ground. There will be scraps left by the end of the year. I am questioning my better judgement with Sandovol being yet another “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”. We know how he loves to dress up. The Gerardi’s also pulled the wool over my eyes. Who will be the next bravolebrity exposed for who they really are? I am also skeptical of Scwartz at this point. As much as I love him I worry about what we don’t see
    . Sometimes I think he is a full time puppet!

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