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‘Survivor’ Offers Medically Evacuated Player Rare Second Chance

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The premiere episode of Survivor Season 44 is off-the-wall wild. From beginning to end, it’s a crazy ride that showcases the extremely promising cast that will hopefully offer the same level of entertainment from now until the end. It’s a dangerous bunch, too. More prone to danger and medical issues than any cast we’ve seen before. Season 44, Episode 1 has more visits from the Survivor medical staff than any other single episode in the show’s history. The longtime host of the show Jeff Probst has some very promising words for one of the unfortunate players, though.

A Second Chance

The very first player to leave Survivor 44 left, not because of a vote, but because of a medical evacuation. It’s a tragic situation we’ve seen many times before throughout the show’s run. It never gets any easier to watch a player have their dream taken from them via circumstances they can’t control. Especially so early in the game, it’s just heartbreaking. This time it happened to Bruce, who suffered what seems like a concussion within minutes of the very first challenge.

jeff probst survivor season 44
Jeff Probst in the premiere episode of ‘Survivor’ Season 44

Things are looking up for Bruce’s Survivor career, though. Jeff Probst made an exciting announcement in the new official Survivor recap podcast that Bruce will be returning in a later season.

“We are officially inviting Bruce to play Survivor again,” Jeff said during the podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. “First player of the new era invited back. It’s kind of exciting, it just felt like the right call. We don’t have a season, yet… but it’s an open invitation, so hopefully, we’ll get Bruce back out on that island again.”

Bruce, the first contestant to leave 'Survivor' Season 44
Bruce, the first contestant to leave ‘Survivor’ Season 44

The new podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst is a fantastic way for the iconic host to speak more about the show he’s so clearly still passionate about after 23 years. He gets to communicate information about situations like Bruce’s directly to the fans. He also gets to break down other things that go into making the show Survivor work. It’s great to get this Bruce confirmation straight from Jeff himself.

The New Age Of Survivor

There has yet to be a returnee season since the new era began. We’ve had nothing but new players from Season 41 to now. With Bruce getting the invite to return, though, it seems possible that we’ll be getting returnees pretty soon. Fans have been asking for a new Second Chance season for years. There is certainly no shortage of players from recent seasons who fans would love to see get a second shot at victory. It may be just around the corner, and Bruce will likely be a part of it.

Survivor Season 44 is airing new episodes every Wednesday.

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