‘Life After Lockup’ Did Sara End Up With Her Ex?

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Life After Lockup star Sara Issac has been communicating with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony. He is the father of her eldest daughter, Abby but has not been around for her entire life. Now, Sara and Anthony are talking again and it is clear that her feelings for him have never left. So, do they ultimately end up together? Read on for more details.

Life After Lockup Did Sara End Up With Her Ex?

Last season, Sara married Shawn Osborne and they welcomed their first child together. However, this season, their fire is completely gone as he works and then plays video games. Though he is playing these games with one of his sons, Sara wants attention as well when he has been gone all day. She is also frustrated because they are not intimate anymore despite her best efforts to get him in the mood. Sara has tried talking to Shawn but with no avail. Now, her ex-boyfriend and true love, Anthony is back in her life.

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It seems that he gives her the attention that she has been missing from Shawn. Plus, Anthony claims that he wants to be in his daughter’s life and will find a way to win Sara back. She may be married but he does not think that it will last. So, does she end up leaving Shawn for Anthony? According to Starcasm, she and Anthony do not end up back together. In the latest episode, he called her from rehab and has had a lot of struggles all along. Though she is open to being around him, there is risk and skepticism.

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Yet, if she has left Shawn for his lack of interaction in their marriage, it was not her ex. Apparently, Anthony moved on with a woman named Bethany in June 2022. They both changed their Facebook statuses to reflect this relationship. More so, it seems that they are still happily together. Yet, there is no word if Sara and Anthony have had any real interaction or come face to face on Life After Lockup. There may have even been a fling or flirtation between the time Anthony and Bethany got together.

What Did Sara Expect?

When Sara met Shawn in person on Love After Lockup, it was a rocky road. He had kept secrets from her like his real age and how many children he had. Shawn is a father of six with his ex, Kelly who he was with for over fifteen years. Yet, by many accounts, he was an inconsistent father and partner. By the time they got to Life After Lockup, they were prepping for a wedding and a baby. Unfortunately, there were obstacles there as Shawn’s other ex, Destinie was coming after him for money. They made it successfully through the wedding but now, it looks like they need couple’s therapy, if they are still together.

Do you think Sara and Anthony do end up hooking up? More so, do you think Sara has left Shawn? Let us know your thoughts and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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