‘Jared From Subway’ Docuseries Uncovers Dark Hidden Secrets

Jared Fogle Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster YouTube

Discovery+ has a new story, Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster, for true crime fanatics to tune in to. The docuseries, slated to premiere soon details the rise and fall of a convicted child predator named Jared Fogle. So, who is this Jared Fogle? More so, what is this new true crime docuseries about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jared Fogle Was Subway’s Spokesperson For 15 Years

Even if you never ate from Subway, the name Jared Fogle would surely ring a bell. Between 2000 and 2015, Jared Fogle became a global sensation and motivated people through his success story. So what did he succeed at? In 1998, Jared attempted to lose weight by rearranging his diet around Subway sandwiches. By 1999, he lost more than 240 pounds. Upon hearing about his big achievement, he was soon made the spokesperson for Subway for the next 15 years.

Jared Fogle Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster YouTube

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However, Fogle’s story wasn’t all glory and praise. He had a dark secret hidden behind closed doors. For the public, he was someone who inspired others to live healthily and stay motivated. However, it was later revealed that the public figure was actually a pedophile. Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster ensues an investigation to bring down Fogle in this three-part series.

Jared From Subway Also Features Journalist Rochelle Herman

The series chronicles his rise as an inspirational hero followed by his tragic fall as a sexual predator. In 2015, Fogle and his business partner, Russell Taylor, were arrested and charged with multiple child endangerment allegations. While many know that Jared Fogle was charged, the way those charges were discovered remains unknown. Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster dives deep into those events recounting some horrific details.

Rochelle Herman Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster YouTube

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The key figure, who is also a part of this docuseries, is a Florida-based journalist Rochelle Herman. She worked undercover for the FBI and captured disturbing and troubling confessions from the offender. Herman’s findings helped authorities raid Fogle’s house where they found several pieces of evidence of child pornography.

As per Jezebel, Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster also features interviews with survivors of Fogle’s abuse. The docuseries outlines how the popular Subway guy was a monster hiding behind the doors.

When Does Jared From Subway Premiere?

Jason Sarlanis, president of Turner Networks, ID & HLN, Linear and Streaming, talked about the true-crime documentary. He said, “Jared masqueraded as a national hero while hiding a horrific side. We are so grateful to the women who, by courageously sharing their stories, are shining a light on this important issue that affects so many families across America.”

Jared Fogle Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster will premiere on Monday, March 6 at 9 p.m. on ID. Fans can also stream the series on Discovery+ on the same day.

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