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Wild & Dirty Grandma Leaves Steve Harvey Speechless

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey was left speechless in the latest episode with a wild and dirty Grandma’s raunchy answer on the show. The 66-year-old was visibly surprised at the contestant’s guess and sure enough, it was on the board as well. So, what was this NSFW answer? Keep reading to find out the details.

Steve Harvey Stares Away With A Blank Expression

On Wednesday’s show, Grandma Pat confidently answered Steve Harvey’s question. Her answer was so clever that fans even admitted that she passed the censorship class. Steve read out the Family Feud prompt, “What’s something that shrinks??”

Without any hesitation, Pat guessed the answer and it was something the whole team was thinking but no one said out loud. With a big smile on her face, she said, “Body parts in cold pools.”

Steve Harvey Family Feud YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Her proud daughter exclaimed, “That’s my mama!” and so did her son. They also hugged her and loved her mother blatantly answering the question. The camera then cut to Steve who was seen blankly staring away in an ice-cold mental state. However, after the show cut to the board, sure enough, her answer appeared as the fourth most popular one.

Fans Claim Steve Harvey Was Reminiscing

Although Grandma censored it in her own way, the answer was, “Guy’s ‘dinghy” and Steve accepted the answer. After the answer popped up on the board, the in-studio audience went wild and Pat celebrated her win. The clip was also shared on Instagram with the caption, “Ice-cold answer gives #SteveHarvey chills!”

Fans adored Pat’s unique way of answering the question and how she wasn’t afraid of going there with her NSFW answer. They claimed she tried to answer as diplomatically as possible.

Steve Harvey Family Feud Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

One fan wrote, “That was the most diplomatic answer.”

Another fan noted, “The most PG way to give that answer.”

“Steve was reminiscing,” quipped a third fan.

Steve Harvey Lived In His Car Before Becoming Successful

While Steve Harvey is adored as a host by his fans, he struggled to get to the position he is in now. In an interview with Hoda Kotb, he noted that he used to live in his car while he tried to make a career as a comedian. He admitted that he was homeless for three years and slept in his 1976 Ford when not performing gigs. The actor showered at gas stations and swimming pool showers.

Steve Harvey Hoda Kotb Family Feud YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The daytime TV host has defied all odds to rise to the top and is now a long way from his homeless status.

What do you think of Grandma Pat’s NSFW answer that left Steve Harvey speechless? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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