‘Survivor’ 44 Generates Outrage In Its First Episode

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Nick Davis


Survivor Season 44 is finally here and it certainly did begin with a wallop of a premiere episode. Fans everywhere feel in shock after the chaos that is this Episode 1. The premiere episode is usually one of the more laid-back of the season. Introductions are made, tribes get revealed, new twists get explanations, and just generally things get a gradual start-up. That is not the case with Season 44, Episode 1. Multiple Survivor records are broken in this opening, and some fans are furious about the way it all turns out.

A Bombastic First Episode

The object of the fans’ fury is the episode’s tribal council. The tribal council actually sees a number of new achievements for the show. In the first one, we finally have the first successful Shot In The Dark play. Four seasons after its introduction and seven unsuccessful attempts later, Jaime has the honor of being the first player to be safe as the result of the Shot In The Dark twist. She also did not receive a single vote and thus did not need the advantage at all. What a strange life that twist has had.

survivor 44 maddy
Maddy, a contestant on ‘Survivor’ Season 44

That’s not the object of outrage, though. That’s more amusing than anything. It’s the second new achievement of the tribal council that fans are angry about. That achievement is the very first Survivor player to leave the game on the first vote with only a single vote to eliminate. Maddy was sent home with only a single vote after Brandon made a clever idol play, blocking the unanimous votes for himself.

survivor season 44 first tribal council
Maddy being voted out of the first ‘Survivor’ 44 tribal council with just one vote

Many are unhappy with the result of the tribal, feeling that Maddy got an unfair shake. Some blame the new, advantage-ridden age of Survivor for claiming yet another victim. There certainly were a lot of twists in the tribal, considering there were two Shot In The Dark plays and an idol that came from a birdcage. But, the actual results are a fairly standard, and frankly clever, idol play. Ever since the introduction of the hidden immunity idol, the possibility of a player going home via a single vote was there. It’s happened several times in the past, and it’s something that players have understood for a long time now.

Survivor 44

Yes, Maddy’s vote is sad to see, but ultimately fair game. That’s Survivor. There are more landmark moments from the premiere of Season 44, too. It has the most medical visits a single episode has ever seen in Survivor history. Players getting concussions, falling off rocks, and just generally suffering from exhaustion. It’s clear that Survivor is still as physically demanding of a game as it ever was. If this is the premiere, then the fans may need to strap in for whatever the rest of Survivor 44 has in store for us. It could get messy.

Survivor Season 44 is airing new episodes every Wednesday. Episode 1 is out now.

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