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‘Shark Tank:’ Where To Buy Surf Band Pro Sunscreen Dispenser

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Shark Tank is back with a new episode tonight and a new product called Surf Band Pro Sunscreen is selling itself to the sharks. Here is what you need to know about this new business and where you can buy it.

What is Surf Band Pro Sunscreen on Shark Tank?

Greg Demirjian is the man who invented Surf Band Pro Sunscreen and he is bringing his product to Shark Tank tonight. Greg is a musician, writer, publisher, and creative director who has worked on films and as a creator for brands like Nike and Merch.

However, while he was working hard, he realized he had no way to sanitize his hands while on the go. He ended up inventing a product that allowed him to sanitize his hands without needing to stop and open a bottle or take out a wipe. His company was WearSpray and he created the Clean-Bands for sanitizer.

Surf Band Pro on Shark Tank

It wasn’t easy, as many injection molding specialists refused to work with him, calling his idea impossible. However, he finally found a partner and they created his product. The product dispensed liquid when pressed and it was a success.

That was only his first product. He then decided to work on something else and created Surf Band Pro Sunscreen. The product is simple and quick to use. You fill the reservoir with sunscreen (lotion, liquid, gel, or zinc). You then strap the velcro band to your wrist with the nozzle facing the outside of your wrist.

When you are out, just push the face of the reservoir and the nozzle shoots the sunscreen right into your palm. According to Greg, the product has become popular with bike riders, hikers, joggers, anglers, and golfers, who need sunscreen but don’t want to carry a bottle everywhere they go.

Where to buy Surf Band Pro Sunscreen from Shark Tank

Anyone interested can buy Surf Band Pro Sunscreen on the official website at First-time visitors can get 10% off the order by sharing an email to get early access to new products (Greg is now working on Bug Band Pro).

Surf Band Pro -IG

The cost is good as well, with three different options. A Velcro Band is $19.95, a Bezel Band is $24.95, and a Silicone Band is $29.99. The Velcro Band comes in pink, black, and blue. The Bezel Band comes in green, blue, and pink. The Silicone Band comes in blue, pink, and black.

They are made using recycled, low-density polyethylene, known for their durability and environmental sustainability. They are considered eco-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Does the Surf Band Pro Sunscreen sound like something you might be interested in? Is it worth the Shark Tank investors taking the chance to invest in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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