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‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Big Mouth Toothbrush

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On Shark Tank tonight, the entrepreneurs behind the Big Mouth Toothbrush will try to find investors from the sharks. Here is a look at what makes these toothbrushes special and where you can buy them after seeing them on Shark Tank.

What is the Big Mouth Toothbrush on Shark Tank?

Dr. Bobbi Peterson is the founder of the Original Big Mouth Toothbrush. She has experience in mouth health care as a second-generation HBCU-educated dentist. One of her parents was a dentist and the other a nurse educator. Her goal is to make oral health central to public health, especially for communities of color.

She owns her own practice, called Aces Braces, which is in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. She has also written a children’s book called Tanner’s Teeth, which focuses on the achievements of the first African American dentist.

Dr Peterson Big Mouth Toothbrush

The Original Big Mouth Toothbrush offers the functionality of high-end products at a more approachable price point. It is also double the size of a regular toothbrush, which means two things. It can cover more of the surface area of the teeth and cuts brushing time in half.

According to Dr. Peterson, she named it the Big Mouth because of her family. She said they “talk loud” when they need to and that they feel “bigger is better.” She said that the toothbrushes she sells work better and feel better when brushing.

There are also five different settings on the brush (clean, polish, whiten, gumcare, and sensitive) and the battery life promises 50 uses on one charge. It also comes in either white or pink, and the case comes with a brush, two brush heads, one toothbrush base, a cover, and a charger. The company also recommends changing out the head every three months.

Where to buy the Big Mouth Toothbrush from  Shark Tank

Anyone wanting to get the Original Big Mouth Toothbrush for themselves after seeing it on Shark Tank can buy it through the company’s website at The cost of the brush is extremely reasonable compared to other comparable electric toothbrushes.

Big Mouth Toothbrush - IG

The Original Big Mouth Toothbrush is $69.99 and the pink version costs a higher $99.99. The website also sells brush head refills at $35.99 for two of them. There is also a travel case that looks a bit like a drink mug that sells for $8.99. They also offer gift wrapping as well for $10 added onto the total cost. The brushes also come with a three-month warranty and they also offer six-month and 12-month extended warranties. You can also find it on Amazon, but the cost is a bit higher.

The site also offers a subscription model where they send out brush head refills quarterly. There doesn’t appear to be a brick-and-mortar location that sells the toothbrush at this time.

Does the Big Mouth Toothbrush sound like something you might be interested in buying for yourself? Is it something the sharks on Shark Tank should have been investing in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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