Hannah Brown Proves She’s A Bad*ss With Reality Win

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Hannah Brown is making big moves in her life while claiming another reality television win. Hannah fought for Colton Underwood’s heart on The Bachelor. She went on to be The Bachelorette herself. After her engagement didn’t work out she made her way to other ventures in the reality television universe.

Her latest venture into tv land was on a tough show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. The show featured other contestants like Tyler Florence of the Food Network and Jamie Lynn Spears. They were put in real-world military situations and had to rise above danger, pain, and exhaustion.

Hannah beat out 14 other participants to win along with professional soccer player Carli Lloyd proving that she’s truly a bad*ss. Read on to see how her boyfriend Adam Woolard felt about the show and why he’s, “her partner in everything.”

Hannah Brown Says This Was The Hardest Thing She’s Ever Done

According to People, Hannah Brown said she went into the show feeling no pressure. She said that was because no one expected her to be the best. Brown said, “it was harder than anything I’d ever done. But now, I know that I can get through anything.”

Hannah Brown, Instagram
Hannah Brown, Instagram

Brown pushed herself before when she went on Dancing With The Stars and won. She said having the support of her boyfriend Adam was something that kept her going while competing on Special Forces. She knew even if she failed she had to keep going. An article on Buzzfeed talked about how both Hannah and fellow reality star Kenya Moore proved beauty queens are tough. They said the insults and demands of the show were nothing compared to what they heard in pageants.

Hannah Brown, Instagram
Hannah Brown, Instagram

In the past, she’s described beauty pageants as, “pretty much like a war.” The article said it prepared them for, “finding composure amid intense physical and mental stress.” Some examples of what Hannah endured were a dance teacher who always singled her out and a pageant coach who told her she had a, “bulldog forehead.”  It led her to get baby botox at the age of twenty-two.

She Says Adam Is Everything She Didn’t Know She Wanted

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard have been together for two years and she’s put everything behind her. The two are getting ready to move together in Nashville. Hannah said she always knew she’d live there one day. They’ve been living together in LA but now it’s time for a change.

Brown loves that Woolard cleans and cooks. She said everything with him has been so easy and he’s her, “partner in everything.” How do you feel about Hannah Brown racking up the wins? Did you watch Special Forces to see her? Comment with your thoughts below.

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