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Was Aaron Carter Murdered? His Mom Demands The Truth


The death of Aaron Carter was a tragedy and there are theories everywhere about what actually happened. His mother has been trying her best to get anyone to believe that her son was murdered. She has been very open about the fact that she does not believe it was an overdose. In order to express her theory about his death, she has decided to release the picture of the bathtub where he died. The photos are pretty graphic, but she feels as if they will help solve this case.

Jane Carter’s Plea To Aaron’s Fans And Friends

This week, Jane Carter decided to post the pictures of her deceased son’s bathtub on social media. These pictures were taken on the day that he died and she feels as if they can provide more evidence about the cause of death. TMZ shared the pictures with their readers this week, too. In the pictures that Jane shared, fans were shocked to see that the water in the bathtub had a strange, green tint to it. The reason the water was this color was because of the fact that Aaron Carter’s body was there for a few hours before it was found.

Aaron Carter- Instagram
Aaron Carter- Instagram

Of course, when she shared these photos, she asked her followers to post these images to their social media accounts as well. Jane wants the death of her son, Aaron Carter to get more attention than it has so far. Apparently, the police never even asked for these photos.  More so, there were a lot of people at the crime scene after his body was found.

Jane’s Post Shocks Fans

As soon as she shared the photos, fans were curious as to why. She wants the case to get more attention. Jane feels that this is the way to get investigators to work on it again. She said, “I want to share these death scene photos with you all. The coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose. They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past. Aaron had a lot of death threats and many, many people who were making his life miserable.”

When Aaron died, his fans were heartbroken as he developed quite a following after he made his musical comeback. Aaron was working on his sobriety and mental health. He and his fiancee recently welcomed their son, Prince into the world. Aaron was happiest when he was with him. Not only did Jane lose a son, but Prince will never know how much his father loved him.

Aaron Carter- Instagram
Aaron Carter- Instagram

What do you think about his mother sharing these pictures on social media? Is this something that you would have done? Will this bring more attention to the case? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. You can stay here with us at TV Shows Ace for more on Aaron Carter.


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