’OutDaughtered:’ Kenzie Sends Mother Crystal Down Memory Lane

Crystal Mills- Instagram

Crystal Mills from OutDaughtered has been sharing a lot with her fans recently. Even though the show is no longer on TLC, her followers enjoy the content that she posts. In some of her most recent photos, she has spoken very highly of her daughter, Kenzie Mills. It turns out that Kenize is incredibly active in sports at her school. Crystal took the time to share photos of her during a track meet. These photos immediately made Crystal go down memory lane. Let’s find out more.

Track Meets Bring Up Old Times For Crystal Mills

In her new post on Instagram, Crystal shared photos of Kenzie running in a track meet for her middle school. She is in the seventh grade now and getting taller and taller every day! Crystal captioned this post, “Kenzie’s first track meet! Brought back memories of when I used to run track.” As soon as Crystal’s fans learned that she ran track, they started to ask her what events she took part in. Crystal has yet to reply to these fans, but they continued to show their support for Kenzie’s athleticism.

Crystal Mills- Instagram
Crystal Mills- Instagram

In the post right before this one, fans learned that Kenzie is also on the school’s golf team! Is there anything this girl can’t do? Of course, she got even more love and support from fans knowing that she is multi-talented in sports. Crystal Mills pointed out that she was going to have her first golf tournament very soon too! With track meets and golf tournaments, Kenzie is going to be very busy this season!

Kenzie Deserves Praise

Crystal Mills and her husband, Dale give their daughter so much praise. No matter what the family has gone through, Crystal is always there to lift up her daughter. Just a few days after their beloved dog, Kobe passed away, Crystal still wanted to shower her daughter with love and praise. This news hit the family incredibly hard, but they have been healing from this loss. No matter how sad they were by this, Kenzie was still there to make her family very proud and help to truly brighten her mother’s day.

In a post all about Kenzie, Crystal shared with her fans that she had also made the volleyball team! She and Dale applauded her work and dedication to all of the sports that she has been playing recently. Kenzie is doing some incredible deeds this year when it comes to sports. Her parents couldn’t be more proud of her even if her sports do send them down memory lane.

Crystal Mills- Instagram
Crystal Mills- Instagram

How does Kenzie do it all? Would you want your child to participate in all of these sports? How do you think Dale and Crystal find time to see her meets and tournaments? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered.

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