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Janelle Brown Spills Secret To 100-Lb. Weight Loss

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives has dropped over 100 pounds and shaved nearly 20 years off of her appearance. Jokingly, fans of the TLC series agree that ditching Kody Brown is the reason she was able to lose so much weight and get back her youthful glow. While most fans agree cutting the toxic fat out of her life probably helped, they can’t help but wonder what was the real secret to her success.

Did Janelle Brown really achieve this greatness by chugging the MLM weight loss product she’s currently pushing on social media? Or, did she have other secrets that allowed her to drop pounds and shave years off her appearance?

Fortunately, as the 1 million fans who follow her on Instagram know, Janelle Brown has been all too happy to share the secrets of her success. So, how has she dropped so much weight? Keep reading to learn what secrets she spilled.

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

Janelle Brown shares weight loss secrets

Unsurprisingly, most fans can’t help but wonder if the weight loss MLM product she’s been pushing has anything to do with her 100 pounds of weight loss. While her weight loss certainly lines up with her pushing the product, fans have issues trusting MLM products. Fortunately, Janelle’s Instagram Stories activities reveal there have been some other steps she’s taken in her life. For starters, she’s not afraid to get a little weird at breakfast time.

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As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Janelle Brown admits she isn’t afraid to get a little weird at breakfast time. The TLC star admitted she enjoyed a helping of salmon for breakfast even though she knew it wasn’t a traditional option for the first meal of the day. The TLC star proceeded to explain she’s been struggling with a head cold and she has learned to listen to her body when it craves a certain kind of food because it clearly needs those nutrients.

Salmon for breakfast I guess. Weird, maybe. I wanted it so bad and so I cooked it (it was for dinner). I’ve been fighting a head cold for the last five days and I just can’t seem to get enough fish. Scallops, shrimp, halibut, and salmon. It must have a nutrient that I need.

Janelle Brown - Instagram

She also spilled her exercise routine

According to her Instagram Stories update, her exercise routine to help her shave off 100 pounds isn’t nearly as crazy as what’s on her breakfast menu. In fact, she’s had success simply by keeping active and listening to her body. Regardless of what the weather is doing, Janelle Brown is making sure she gets outside and walks so the weight can continue to melt off her body.

She shared a photo revealing they were currently in the middle of a snowstorm. The snow was so deep it was up to her dog’s bellies. But, they did not stop her from taking them on a walk so she could get her steps in.

Janelle Brown - Instagram

Turns out, eating healthy meals and not letting anything stop her from going on her daily walks has really played an important part in Janelle Brown being able to shave off 100 pounds and 20 years.

How do you feel about Janelle Brown’s weight loss progress? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I think it’s good idea that Janelle found a new life without Kody.She has a new body and a new life good luck her eyes are opened to a better tomorrow.She a smart lady of the bunch.

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