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Avril Lavigne & Tyga Dating Following Mod Sun Split?


On the messy side of the Internet — rumor has it Avril Lavigne is now dating Tyga after calling off her engagement with Mod Sun. This romance rumor comes as a shock to some who are just now getting up to speed on the fact that Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun are no longer engaged (or together at all). When did this relationship come to an end and why does the Internet think she’s now dating Tyga? Keep reading for all the messy details!

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When Did Avril and Mod Sun Split?

It was on February 21st that TMZ reported Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun were no longer engaged. This news came as a shock to many as the couple had been engaged for a year. Moreover, the duo had been dating since 2012.

It was just 48 hours ago that Mod Sun broke his silence on the end of his long-term relationship with Avril. Heartbreakingly, it sounded like the relationship ending was largely her decision and he was having a difficult time coping with it.

He penned in his very somber Instagram update on the situation: “In 1 week my entire life completely changed…I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up + always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken.”

Being surrounded by love every night on tour has been an absolute blessing. I have the best friends in the entire world, thanks for always having my back. See you on stage.”



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Just 24 hours ago, Mod Sun posted a much more encouraging update to Twitter that left his fans feeling better about his mental health. His tweet simply said, “new day” with a heart emoji.

Avril Lavigne & Tyga Dating Following Mod Sun Split?

Now, rumors have begun to swirl that Avril Lavigne had wasted no time moving on from Mod Sun and was currently exploring a new relationship with Tyga. Per TMZ, Avril and Tyga only added fuel to the dating rumors when they were spotted partying together at Leonardo DiCaprio’s party last night. Both Avril and Tyga were seemingly trying to keep a low profile as they were spotted in several photos rocking black attire from head to toe.

Check out photos of Arvil trying to bury herself in a black hoodie as she climbs out of a vehicle with Tyga in front of her to attend Leonardo DiCaprio’s party together.

In response, fans on Twitter agree the potential of Avril and Tyga being a couple so soon after the end of her engagement just proves celebrities can be as messy as regular people.

Other individuals noted they hope the news isn’t true as Avril Lavigne is rumored to smell strongly of body odor due to lack of showering and deodorant. These individuals argue that Tyga could do better.

Did Mod Sun dodge a bullet getting out of this relationship? Do you think Avril Lavigne and Tyga could be dating? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for more messy celebrity drama!

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