Nick Viall Slams Zach Shallcross’ D*ck Move

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Nick Viall is calling Zach Shallcross out for being a total d*ck on The Bachelor and fans are here for it. There are a couple of times fans have felt Zach wasn’t listening or didn’t take the time to hear someone out before he was done with them.

In the last episode, Jess Girod went home after she got in her head about not getting a one-on-one. When she decided to approach this with Zach, he got frustrated and didn’t really give her a chance to express her feelings. Read on to see what Nick thought of this and some of his other reactions to his contestants. Nick has been on every side of Bachelor nation . He went on The Bachelorette twice. Nick has been the villian and the hero. Viall also spent some time on the beach on Bachelor in Paradise. If anyone knows how to treat a contestant it should be him.

Nick Viall Didn’t Hold Back His Opinion

Nick Viall was honest with his tweets for this season. He tweeted, “that’s two weeks in a row now Zach was a total d*ck to one of the women.” Nick went on to say Zach should know it’s, “all about the one on one.” He thinks he made Jess feel dumb for trying to talk to him about it.

A lot of fans agreed with Nick. One said, “Yeahhhh, whenever there’s been a tense conversation, Zach hasn’t really handled it well.” Another said he isn’t good with criticism directed toward him.

Zach Shallcross via YouTube 12

There Were Other Comments Made On Social Media

That’s not the only thing Nick Viall tweeted about Jess and Zach’s conversation. He also said, “Zach is acting like the guy who gets mad at his girlfriend for not letting him know she wanted validation on her birthday.”

Nick Viall, YouTube

One of the things that caused Nick and a lot of fans to question Zach was how quickly he shifts his opinions on someone. Whether another contestant casts doubt on the person or if they say something he doesn’t agree with. Jess felt blindsided as we reported when Zach changed the way he acted toward her.

She brought up that she hadn’t gotten a solo date and it was causing her to experience some nerves. The tweet about validation Nick made directly related to the way he handled that. When questioned about the boredom fans were experiencing at the beginning of his season, he said just wait. While he said it was uneventful at first, it was going to get better. He said being called boring was better than being called, “the a**hole Bachelor.” Maybe he spoke too soon. Of course, as we’ve seen in the past editors and producers can make things more dramatic with clever editing.

What did you think?

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