Meet Michelle Duggar: A Once Normal Teenage Cheerleader

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Who was Michelle Duggar before she met Jim Bob? While many fans know her from her TLC days, there is, of course, a part of her story that took place long before. It turns out that she was once a cheerleader, though her life has completely changed in many ways now. So, who was Michelle before fans knew her and before she married Jim Bob? Keep reading for all of the details.

Who was Michelle Duggar before she met Jim Bob?

Michelle was just 17 years old when she married 19-year-old Jim Bob. Prior to meeting Jim Bob, she was a cheerleader. She also didn’t court like her kids always have. The Duggar kids court with the intent of marriage rather than dating around for fun. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball recently shared, “She dated several guys from her school and regularly partied with football players.”

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However, after meeting her husband, she changed her path and stopped cheerleading.

On Instagram this week, Katie Joy shared a new post about Michelle’s past. The post features a throwback photo of her as a teenager. In the snap, Michelle is in her cheerleading uniform alongside a few other members of her cheer squad. She’s showing some major skin in a mini-skirt. As fans know, the Duggars have strict modesty rules. So, none of her kids or teenagers have been allowed to dress like this.

Katie Joy also said, “Neighbors used to ask her to cover up when she mowed the lawn in a bikini and short shorts.”


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Fans are saddened by how much her life has changed.

As TV Shows Ace reported, fans and critics chatted about how Jim Bob might have ruined Michelle’s wife. After she had such a normal upbringing, things completely changed when she married Jim Bob.  

On Redditphotos of Michelle Duggar playing with Nerf guns with her grandchildren resurfaced. This was a few years ago, but fans feel that she looks happier than she has in years in these photos. Some feel that the pictures offer a glimpse into what Michelle’s life would be like without Jim Bob “ruining her life.”

Someone said, “She may be a horrible person, but seeing the glimpses of who she could have been break my heart.”

Just discovered this video of Meech playing Nerf guns with the grandkids and having the time of her life. Posted on Jessa’s YouTube 2 years ago. Peep Josh & Anna in the background
by u/VividFloral in DuggarsSnark

Fans have also said many times that it’s unfortunate that Michelle’s kids didn’t have the chance to attend public school, participate in extracurricular activities, and more.

So, did you know about Michelle Duggar’s past as a cheerleader? Does it shock you how drastically her life has changed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on your favorite TLC shows and stars. 

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