Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Takes Things Too Far

Jenelle Evans- Instagram

Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom know a lot about Jenelle Evans. She has gained quite a reputation after her time on the show. Jenelle has also made a lot of changes in her life since she was on the show. Her fans love catching up with her and her husband, David Eason. However, there are those fans that feel that she and David need to keep some things quiet. In fact, in a recent video of his, he decided to take things a little too far when it came to sharing his opinion.

David’s Rant Turns Fans Off

In a recent post on David’s Instagram account, he decided to share a video. This video was from the Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk. David shared the video this week and immediately, his fans were shocked. He captioned the now-deleted video, “This is the h**o y’all are giving billions to! If you support this, it’s all your fault!” The video had originally been captioned, “Every time the US government announces billions of dollars in the new ‘aid’ for Ukraine, just remember this is the man we’re giving it to.” More so, this video shows Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The video shows him dancing naked inside a grocery store with some other dancers.

David Eason- Instagram
David Eason- Instagram

Of course, his followers were quick to start in on the homophobic slur that he used to describe the Ukranian president. One wrote, “Boy, he wants to make sure Jenelle never goes back to MTV huh?” Another added, “He’s so insufferable. He’s literally obsessed with gay people. He is just mad that Zelensky can maintain steady employment!” A final critic wrote, “Get a job, David. You don’t pay taxes, so why are you worried about anything that has to do with taxes?” Of course, fans also wanted to know how he was even able to get away with posting “h**o” on his social media account without being flagged.

Jenelle Evans Wants Attention

This isn’t the first time that Jenelle Evans and David have been in hot water with their fans. In fact, a lot of the attention that they get is pretty negative. Like many other reality stars, Jenelle’s parenting has come into question, as well as her political views. The couple has been seen wearing offensive clothing, such as a shirt with the letters LGBT on it. When fans looked closer, it stands for The Statue of Liberty, guns, beer, and Donald Trump. David also enjoys wearing “Make America Great Again” hats with shirts with gun rights written all over them.

Jenelle Evans- Instagram
Jenelle Evans- Instagram

His disdain for people is part of the reason that MTV cut ties with Jenelle and David. He ended up sharing a homophobic rant on his Twitter account. MTV saw this and knew they had to fire the couple from Teen Mom along with other issues within their relationship. It looks like nothing has really changed with his views after he shared his latest post.

What do you think of the language that David uses in his posts? More so, do you think that David and Jenelle are just looking for more attention? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Teen Mom drama.

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