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‘Gold Rush’ Parker Tells Fred What He Is Doing Wrong

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As Fred Lewis continues to struggle with his gold goals this season on Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel finally showed up to offer some advice. Parker and Tony Beets are both extremely successful, so it seems good when they offer advice. However, when Parker told Fred what he was doing wrong, it didn’t really set well.

Here is what went down in the most recent episode of Gold Rush between Parker and Fred.

Parker offers Fred advice on Gold Rush

When Parker Schnabel offers some advice to someone about gold mining, that person should listen. No one on the show has been as successful as Parker, who has become a legitimate gold miner, respected even outside the realm of reality television. He is so good at his job now that some fans think Parker is working his way out of Gold Rush.

Parker Schanbel on Gold Rush - episode screencap

This week, Parker went to visit former military medic Fred Lewis and offer him some advice on what he is doing wrong. Fred has remained frustrated this season, saying that if he doesn’t hit his goal, it is likely finished for him and his team in the future of the gold mining industry.

Parker pointed out of the biggest problems with Fred’s setup was his screens. When Parker showed up, he told him that the screens were full of holes in the sluice box. Parker pointed at the big rocks and said, “these big rocks. They aren’t supposed to be here.”

Before Parker arrived at Fred’s camp, the former military man said that Parker was rude the last time they met up and told him off. That isn’t exactly what happened, as when they met last, Fred was looking for land to mine and Parker just told him it was hard to find. This likely led to his frustration at seeing his Gold Rush star again and getting critical advice.

Fred Lewis seems to have thin skin on Gold Rush

It seems weird that Fred would be so thin-skinned when it comes to taking advice from someone like Parker on Gold Rush. Recently, the Clayton Brothers went to Fred for help. He talked down to them and his crew dismissed them, pointing out everything they were doing wrong.

Fred was also harsh to his own stepson, who works on his crew. Fred pointed out things he felt he was doing wrong. With Fred willing to point the finger at everyone else, someone like Parker offering up some advice shouldn’t seem to push him into the wrong way of thinking.

Fred Lewis on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Of course, this is reality television. That means drama needs to exist on Gold Rush. There is a chance it wasn’t as bad as the episode made it look in the end.

What are your thoughts on Fred Lewis and his struggles this season on Gold Rush? Do you think he should pay Parker Schnabel more respect than he seems to when given advice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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