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Fans Ask Kim Kardashian To Halt Surgeries, Beautiful Before

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Fans are asking Kim Kardashian to halt plastic surgery after seeing old photos of the mogul. They are checking out her youthful face versus now and are in shock. Now, they are practically begging her to stop with the cosmetic procedures and just be happy with who she is. Read on for more details.

Fans Ask Kim Kardashian To Halt Surgeries, Beautiful Before

Kim Kardashian has always been a beautiful woman with an iconic figure. She flaunts this through her SKIMS line which now has an incredible bikini line. Additionally, Kim has a skincare line so she is constantly showing close-ups of her face. However, some old photos of Kim have resurfaced and fans are shocked. They cannot believe the transformation and are questioning why she went so far extreme with her facial work. Of course, Kim has denied anything aside from Botox which she initially had a really bad reaction to.

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According to The Sun, fans recently caught snaps of Kim in Italy and her face looked different. They immediately took to Reddit to express their feelings about her ever-changing face. Referring to her OG face, one fan wrote this: “Gawwwwd, why would you touch your face if it looked like this?!! I miss this face so much!” Another added: “While I think she was really pretty here, there were stages of her face transformation that I absolutely loved more than her OG face. That seems horrible to say but some of her surgeries were so beautiful, seems she just didn’t know when to stop.”

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“I totally agree. Some of the surgeries really enhanced her look but it was also easier to look better when you are younger. Now we enter the overdone stage because it gets harder and harder to maintain the look,” one noted. However, it was pointed out that her baby face from 20 years ago was bound to change now that she is in her forties. Still, Kim denies doing anything to her face and even cut back on Botox.

Drastic Measures

When Kim Kardashian wanted to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic gold dress for the Met Gala, she went to great lengths. Since the dress had no stretch and could not be altered, Kim had to find a way to get into the dress. She started an intense workout and diet to drop sixteen pounds in a handful of weeks. Since then, she has seemingly not stopped and is still losing weight wherever she can. This could also be a contributor to her changing looks.

Do you think Kim Kardashian looked better before or after? Furthermore, do you really think she has not undergone many procedures? Let us know in the comments below.

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