Is Ariana And Katie’s Sandwich Shop Something About Her Open?

Ariana Madix And Katie Maloney's New Restaurant [Credit: Instagram]

Recently, Vanderpump drama has circulated about Katie Maloney feuding with Scheana Shay.  But drama aside, the big question is – how are things coming with the sandwich shop? The buzz is that Moloney and Madix are prepping to serve at the sandwich shop. Fans have shown excitement for Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix’s teased sandwich shop. The Vanderpump Rules stars have been working toward the goal they told the world about in Season 9. They said they were opening an eatery together. Where are they at with their dream?

Is the Vanderpump Costars ready to serve?

The ladies have paved the way for the restaurant. They released the name, Something About Her according to Bravo. Many fans originally said they did not care for the name. It seems like most have warmed up to it since then. They also have an official Instagram page that shows Something About Her (SAH). The beautiful picture on the Instagram page shows a quaint stone building surrounded by vines and blooming flowers. It is inviting and delicate. Their logo was also posted showing a faded image of crisp napkins and stacked plates with the letters “SAH” encircled by a white vine. Fans seem eager to visit the sandwich shop based on the comments. Some comments however seem to point to this may just be an illusion from the two costars to draw in publicity.


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What’s on the menu for Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix?

The menu had some fun details highlighted back in September 2022 about what Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix plan to serve at Something About Her. The business ladies hosted a tasting for Something About Her. A spicy turkey sandwich was confirmed to be on the Something About Her menu, according to Reality Blurb. Ariana Madix told Bravo she planned to add “a sandwich that involves lots of hot peppers and anything salty, pickled” They had joked about including a “Vanderpumpernickel” sandwich, but it sounds like the punny sandwich is off the menu for now.


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Any big news about Something About Her?

Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix decided on this idea in response to Katie expressing she wanted to buy a shop with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz. It was their response to Schwartz & Sandy’s. The ladies were sure they could handle business just as well as Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. They were not interested in Tom Tom being involved.

Bravo quoted Ariana Madix saying, “We are looking for other investors now,” Ariana said before sharing that Randall Emmett is no longer interested in investing after separating from Lala Kent. “We’re working on a visual deck currently that should, honestly, be done today.”  Life & Style pointed out that the restaurant was set to open in January 2022 and has not even updated its Instagram since it launched.  Bravo said, “On the show’s January 4 episode, Ariana told Lisa Vanderpump that she and Katie “wouldn’t say no” if the restaurateur wanted to invest in the shop. While it wasn’t exactly a serious conversation at the time, Lisa joining the business may soon be a reality.”

For now, fans continue to wait for the sandwich shop reality to be reached. Hopefully, the ladies will find their investors soon and the menu will be open to the public.

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