Savannah Chrisley Does ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

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Wait, is Savannah Chrisley going to be on Dancing With The Stars

The reality TV star teases a big secret

Savannah Chrisley took to her Sassy by Savannah Instagram to admit she was keeping a big secret from her followers, fans, and customers. Her post included a row of emojis. In the caption, she encouraged her followers to guess what the secret was using the emojis as a clue. She took a screenshot of her post and shared it on her main profile as well encouraging her followers to guess what the big secret was.

The line of emojis included a cowboy, lipstick, stars/sparkles, music notes, a dancer, and the U.S. flag. Check out a screenshot of the post down below:

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

Savannah Chrisley does Dancing With The Stars?

The most liked comment at the top of her Instagram post asked if Savannah Chrisley was trying to tell everyone she was going to be on Dancing With The Stars. The comment was liked over a dozen times indicating this was not the only person who drew this conclusion.

On Reddit, more fans admitted DWTS was the first thing that popped into their head while they were looking at the line of emojis. Did Savannah even know how to dance?

Now, as far as fans know… Savannah Chrisley doesn’t have any kind of dancing experience that would make her a good candidate to be on DWTS. Moreover, there has never been a member of the Chrisley family on Dancing With The Stars.

Savannah Chrisley Wears Sexy Blue Gown [Source: Savannah Chrisley - Instagram]
[Source: Savannah Chrisley – Instagram]
Chances are pretty good the announcement has something to do with her cosmetics products. The lipstick emoji means the announcement is probably some sort of product for lips. Fans also speculate Nashville may have something to do with the secret because of the cowboy emoji.

Some fans are sick of Savannah Chrisley’s emojis

On Reddit, fans did not find the post to be cute or funny. These fans pointed out that both Savannah and Lindsie have been using emojis to communicate things. And, they are growing tired of it. Here’s one some more frustrated fans had to say about the teasing post:

  • “She hired a 10 year old as her social media manager!”
  • “She’s starting a country western band and will sing and dance at prisons around the USA for her contribution towards prison reform. She’ll also hand out her lipstick line.”
  • “Country bumpkin that wears too much makeup is on the run, all while whining?”
  • Savannah Chrisley Wears Black Lace Gown [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]
    [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]

While Dancing With The Stars was a popular answer, fans recognized it likely had something to do with her Sassy By Savannah products.

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