Returning ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Distressed After 2018 Appearance

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A returning Jeopardy! contestant did not fare very well after her first appearance on the game show. Claire Sattler was featured on the teen version back in 2018. She then came back for the High School Reunion edition this week. However, life after the first time was less than charming and she is sharing what she went through. Read on for more details.

Returning Jeopardy! Contestant Shares Distress From First Appearance

Claire Sattler made her first Jeopardy! appearance in 2018 at the age of sixteen. According to The Sun, she won the Teen Tournament which should have been a momentous occasion. Now back for the three-week High School Reunion Tournament, there are twenty-seven former teen contestants. This includes Claire, who recalled the horror show her life became after she won to host Mayim Bialik. It went beyond bullying but she was thoroughly traumatized by what people were saying.

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At the time, the late Alex Trebek was the host of the show and there were allegations that Claire has slept with him in exchange for answers. She ended up making a TikTok video to share what she had gone through upon being on the show. Especially the allegation that she was intimate with Trebek. She documented her trauma in the short clip: “Being accused of having [sex] with a 79-year-old man (as a 16-year-old) for the answers. Because you weren’t smart enough to win on your own apparently.”

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However, the video went viral of her time on Jeopardy! and followers immediately flocked to her to show support. “I was on Wheel of Fortune at 19 years old. I thought my trolls were bad,” one shared. Another added: “My friend was on the show as a kid. His experience was different, likely because he is male. People really go after teen girls for petty s**t.” Finally, someone had this to say: “So sorry this happened to you. I watched your original appearance and you were such a great player. F****n sucks that people treat you this way.”

Moving On & Up

Claire is back on Jeopardy! with the hopes of getting 100K and a place in the Tournament of Champions. This time around, she appears resilient and ready to roll. Currently, she is finishing up her time at Yale University. So far, she won Monday, February 27th’s round so she is moving on and proving the haters wrong. Claire is not just a fluke but rather a smart, dedicated, and educated woman who did not let her previous experience hinder her from trying again.

Are you shocked that Claire dealt with so much bullying just for winning Jeopardy! at sixteen? Is it time for her redemption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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