Jess & Aly Holding Grudge Against ‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross?


Zach Shallcross let two girls go on the last episode of The Bachelor, Aly Jacobs, and Jess Girod and both were surprised. Lots of fans watching this season have said he’s being cold and dismissive. He has not hesitated to send girls home with the first being Madison Johnson on night one.

Other fans defend his actions saying he knows what he wants and he’s not wasting time. Jess felt like she was falling behind because she didn’t get a one-on-one with Zach. When she approached him with that he didn’t want to hear about it. Now she and Aly are talking about how they took the news they were leaving.

What Went Wrong For Jess Girod?

Jess Girod put a lot of stock in getting a one-on-one with Zach. She decided to talk to him about it during the evening portion of the group date. According to US Weekly, she said he’d reassured her through it all. He kept telling her to hold on and that things would be okay. As time kept going and she wasn’t getting the solo date with him, she started to get nervous.

She said, “I was definitely in my head of like, ‘What am I missing here? There’s nothing being communicated, that’s wrong.’” Jess thought something wasn’t adding up so she wasn’t surprised but she also was a bit. The frustration came from both of them not understanding the other.

Jess Girod, Instagram
Jess Girod, Instagram

She still didn’t have anything bad to say. Jess shared, “I think he was doing the best he could in the moment.” Jess wishes they could have understood each other better.

What Went Wrong For Aly Jacobs?

After Zach sent Jess Girod home, Aly Jacobs was next. She was sent home during the rose ceremony. To Aly, it felt like a blindside. There wasn’t a time when they talked and he gave any hints that things weren’t there between them.

She mentioned other girls had talked with him and they knew where he stood. They felt he was telling them something was off. Aly said, “I always felt confirmed and validated with him.” She felt shocked when it happened. Aly is still happy for Zach to find the one for him. Jacobs bragged about the women who are left calling them, “phenomenal.”

Aly Jacobs, Instagram
Aly Jacobs, Instagram

All of the women became close during the show. Looking back Aly thinks maybe they didn’t get past friendly vibes into the romantic side of things. She said Zach is looking for the whole package a best friend and a partner. Read more about Zach’s season so far here. What do you think about Jess and Aly getting sent home? Were you blindsided like they were? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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