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Charles Manson’s Partner In Crime Linda Kasabian Dead At 73


Linda Kasabian, the woman who played a huge role in sending Charles Manson and many of his cult members to a life behind bars, has been confirmed dead at the age of 73. When did she pass away and has her cause of death been made public? Keep reading for the details.

Linda Kasabian from the Charles Manson trial dead at 73

Linda Kasabian’s trial testimony played a key role in sending both Charles Manson and several of his cult members to prison for the rest of their life. Sadly, she has been confirmed dead at the age of 73. According to TMZ, she passed away a little over a month ago on January 21st. She died at a hospital in Tacoma and she was cremated. Her cause of death was not included on the death certificate obtained by the media outlet.

Her death certificate did reveal she legally had her last name changed to “Chiochios” to protect herself by distancing herself from the Manson family.

Linda Kasabian - Youtube
Linda Kasabian – Youtube

Who was she?

In 1970, Linda Kasabian was granted immunity in exchange for being a key prosecution witness.  Her testimony during the trial played a huge role in the reason the prosecution was able to lock up Charles and several cult members. During her testimony, she revealed she had been involved in at least two nights of Charles Manson and his cult members’ massacres.

In a testimony that stretched out over 18 days, Linda Kasabian went into disturbing details about how Charles Manson directed the slaughter of so many people. During her testimony, she revealed that Charles “Tex” Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins traveled to the home of Roman Polanski where they proceeded to shoot and stab five different people. Among the victims included Roman’s pregnant wife, Sharon. Roman Polanski was in Europe working on a film when his pregnant wife and unborn child were murdered.

Linda Kasabian revealed that she witnessed the horrifying bloodshed. She, however, was never directly involved in hurting anyone.

In her testimony, Linda Kasabian went on to affirm she was the driver during the second night of the Charles Manson murders. It was on this night that Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were murdered.

Thanks to her testimony, prosecutors were successful at putting Charles and his minions behind bars for the rest of their life. Charles Manson reportedly passed away at the age of 83 back in 2017.

Rest in peace, Linda Kasabian.

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