‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Can Kenya’s Men Date Other Women?

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Seeking Brother Husband cast member Kenya Stevens has two husbands. Yet, if she is allowed to seek more men are they allowed to date other women? It seems like their romance is a lot more open than viewers may have anticipated. Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband Can Kenya’s Men Date Other Women?

Kenya Stevens is a cast member of the new TLC series Seeking Brother Husband. Along with her husbands Rahkem and Tiger, she is actively involved in a polyamorous relationship. Her introductory line for the show promo is this: “Polyandry is the practice of one woman having multiple husbands, but those husbands cannot have any other partners.” Yet, according to Starcasm, their relationship is much more involved than just a woman and two husbands. In fact, both of Kenya’s men can date or marry any other woman they want.

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Kenya has been in a poly relationship for nearly twenty years and even works in the field to promote this practice. She is the CEO of the Progressive Love Academy. Plus, she is an author and now her life will be detailed in this Seeking Sister Wife-like show. However, she has made it clear that her relationships differ from what TLC has portrayed. In a tweet, Kenya wrote: “There are just two things I wish #TLC would allow on our show 1. The fact that we are #polyamorous not #polyandrous and 2. Not edit out our UPLVL containers!”

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Yet, would they have made it on the series if they were openly polyamorous? Most likely not since the show is supposed to be about polyandry and the ability of a woman to love and marry multiple men. Back in 2020, Kenya did a YouTube interview with her two husbands and her married boyfriend, Noble for LaVar Walker. That was when Kenya explained that her husbands have many women in his life. “My husband, he has a woman in every state. [Tiger’s] with all of my friends. Noble lives with his wife in Atlanta.”

How Many Partners?

Kenya went on to share that Tiger has “four partners in Asheville.” More so, Rahkem is married to Corina, as well as Kenya. His wife, Corina will be on Seeking Brother Husband as a cast member which could call their lifestyle into question. Finally, Kenya celebrated her love and multiple relationships in a recent Valentine’s Day posting. Furthermore, she seems to want to encourage others to live their truth and celebrate love in any way they want to. It will be a fun and quirky situation to follow for the premiere season.

Are you excited for Seeking Brother Husband to start? More so, what are your thoughts on Kenya’s relationship? Let us know your thoughts and watch the premiere March 26th.


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