‘LPBW:’ Does Jeremy Roloff Have A Job?


Former Little People, Big World cast member, Jeremy Roloff left the show to pursue other avenues. He and his wife, Audrey Roloff wanted to be out of the spotlight to raise their family. However, they are always on social media. Due to the overwhelming amount of posts, fans are curious about what these two do to make money. Does Jeremy Roloff have a job? Let’s find out.

Jeremy Roloff’s Income

During his time on Little People, Big World, Jeremy made about $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. However, he hasn’t been on the show in a few years. So, where is his money coming from? There has been a lot of speculation about Jeremy’s job. It turns out that he has worn many hats since appearing on Little People, Big World. He has worked as a photographer and actually went to Brooks Institute in California to pursue it. This has always been one of his passions, but from the looks of it, that fizzled out very quickly. Blogging is also something that he had tried with Audrey. Their blog started to inspire covenant marriages and living intentionally.

Jeremy Roloff- TLC
Jeremy Roloff- TLC

Speaking of living intentionally, Jeremy and Audrey have written books about it. They began by writing a marriage journal that is supposed to help couples build their relationship. It is listed on their website for $25. They added another book to that collection too. This book, A Love Letter Life, is also designed to help couples live intentionally. As of right now, both of these books have become New York Times Best Sellers. The couple also had a podcast together, but that seems to have shut down recently. From the looks of it, Jeremy Roloff has had many jobs, but is he currently working?

The Financial Woes

As of right now, it does seem as if Jeremy Roloff doesn’t work a typical job. He helps to co-author their books. He has also turned their cabin into a rental property, after renovating it. This could be the way that they get most of their income. However, Audrey has mentioned the fact that they are struggling financially. She is currently pushing essential oils to her fans on social media. She did have a clothing business, but it turns out that she closed that down too. More so, Audrey also pushes different products on Instagram. She gives her fans a promo code and they can get a discount on the items. This brings in some money, but it can’t be that much.

Jeremy Roloff- TLC
Jeremy Roloff- TLC

If these two have jobs or not, they are constantly finding ways to show off their wealth. In fact, when Audrey bought Jeremy a $50,000 piece of machinery, she was quick to share it. It is interesting to see this couple say they are struggling, but continue to buy stuff.

How do you think these two make their money? Is it solely from the rental and social media? We would like to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments below. Follow TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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