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How Did Julie And Todd Chrisley Meet?

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How exactly did Todd Chrisley meet his second wife, Julie? After his first marriage ended, he was lucky enough to meet his forever love. However, they have been through many ups and downs yet how did this love affair initially begin? Read on for more details.

How Did Julie And Todd Chrisley Meet?

For ten seasons, viewers have watched the relationship between Julie and Todd Chrisley. Most times, she has no idea what her husband is up to. He always has something new and different up his sleeve which can cause some drama. This season, Todd bought a new house but failed to tell Julie that it was torn to shreds and needed renovating. More so, this led to her saying that he does know always tell the truth. She now knows this all too well as the couple sits behind bars in separate prisons.

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They have limited contact and won’t be able to see either for around seven years which is how long Julie’s sentence is. However, how exactly did this duo meet? According to Us Weekly, the two first locked eyes at a friend’s home. Per Todd, he just knew Julie was the one. “I knew that I was in love with her the moment she walked into my friend’s house: That’s the first night that I met her. And the moment she walked in the room, it’s the only time before and since that anything had ever taken my breath, other than when I walked past a mirror.”

Todd and Julie/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Julie and Todd Chrisley tied the knot in 1996, right after his divorce was finalized. They went on to welcome their first child together, Chase in 1996, as well. However, Todd has two children from his previous marriage, Lindsie, and Kyle. He still was a family man and in 1997, his daughter with Julie, Savannah was born. Finally, they welcomed their last child, Grayson in 2006 but their family was going to unexpectedly keep growing. In 2013, Todd won custody of his son, Kyle’s daughter, Chloe.

Life On TV

Julie and Todd Chrisley ultimately landed Chrisley Knows Best in 2014. Viewers loved watching the interesting yet comical dynamic of this family. Included in their series was Todd’s mother, Nanny Faye. People adored her and their antics which spawned a spinoff for Savannah and Chase named Growing Up Chrisley. Unfortunately, Julie and Todd Chrisley ended up in a lot of trouble, pleading guilty to tax fraud in the summer of 2022. This landed them both behind bars for a total of nineteen years and they can only email or send letters to one another. However, they seem to have a very solid belief system that they will get through this.

Are you shocked at the casual way that the Chrisleys met? Let us know your thoughts and watch Chrisley Knows Best Mondays on USA.

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