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Savannah Chrisley Gets ‘BOP’ Response To Her ‘Inhumane’ Rant?

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It appears as if Savannah Chrisley’s claims that her mother’s living conditions at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky are inhumane have made it all the way back to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In a letter obtained by Daily Mail over the weekend, the Federal Bureau of Prisons indirectly responded to the accusations. Unfortunately for Savannah Chrisley (and her mother Julie), the organization is standing its ground with the statement and implying the allegations Todd’s daughter has made hold no water.

Savannah Chrisley - Youtube
Savannah Chrisley – Youtube

What allegations did Savannah Chrisley make exactly?

On a recent episode of her podcast, Savannah Chrisley blasted the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. She revealed that her mother was living in a facility that lacked A/C or any fresh air. Savannah also revealed that the facility had a separate building with heating and cooling that it used to house the service dogs. Savannah was furious to know dogs were getting better treatment than her mother.

My mom’s in a facility that has no air, but yet there are service dogs for the prison that are in a heated and cooled building because it’s inhumane for them not to have air. I read an executive order that Biden signed that said all federal inmates must be housed in environmentally-friendly facilities and I’m like, “OK, well, this is completely opposite of that.”‘

Julie Chrisley - Savannah Chrisley - Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Savannah Chrisley – Youtube

What did the Federal Bureau of Prisons say?

Out of respect and privacy of the inmates, the Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to get too specific with their details. But, they did issue a statement that appears to be a response to Savannah’s accusation.

For privacy, safety, and security reasons, we do not release information on the conditions of confinement for any inmate or group of inmates. However, we can share, the Bureau of Prisons’ institutions are accredited by the American Correctional Association. ACA Standards cover environmental conditions, including temperature and air quality… [and] discusses temperatures in indoor living and work areas appropriate for summer and winter.”

Basically, the statement affirmed that A/C will be made available when it is summer outside and heat will be available when it is winter outside.

In response to Savannah’s claims, some fans have pointed out that prison isn’t meant to be a spa and there is a difference between livable and comfortable. Per the American Correctional Association standards, the facilities (like the one Julie is housed at) are required to provide safe and livable environments. This, however, does not mean the environment also has to be comfortable.

Savannah Chrisley Youtube
Savannah Chrisley Youtube

Are you surprised the Federal Bureau of Prisons would issue a statement after the claims Savannah made? Do you agree that while the statement was indirect it was clearly a response to what Julie Chrisley’s daughter had said about the living conditions? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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