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Christine Brown & David Woolley Cuddle, Fans Make One Request

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Christine Brown and her boyfriend David Woolley put on a massive display of their love for each other on Instagram over the weekend. As fans know, Christine went on a bit of a trip to meet her newest grandbaby. Unfortunately, it looks like her new boyfriend did NOT tag along for the trip.

Christine Brown cuddles with her new man, David Woolley

Christine shared a photo of herself as she complained about missing her man and David admitted that he missed her two in the comments. Moreover, he also heated things up with a seriously romantic post that included a photo of her sipping from a mug and a second photo of himself and Christine cuddling.

In the photo, Christine flashed her pearly whites for the camera as she had her cheek resting on David’s shoulder with he head pressed against his cheek.

Here is the adorable photo he shared of himself and Christine cuddling together.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

Using hashtags, David referred to Christine as both his soul mate and his queen. Fans were here for Christine being with a man that treated her like a queen.

Sister Wives fans had one request for David

As David Woolley’s following on Instagram continues to climb, it is no secret that his comment section is overwhelmed by Sister Wives fans. For the most part, fans are following him just to see as many pictures of happy and loved Christine Brown curled up with her new man.

Christine Brown David Woolley Instagram

Sister Wives fans, however, do have one request for Christine’s new boyfriend. More of a warning, really. Many fans poured into the comments with a variation of the same two requests. The first is that David Woolley better treat Christine the way she deserves to be treated. And, the second being that he better never hurt her.

Some fans even pointed out that he was going to have a real problem if he ever did break up with her or hurt her because Sister Wives fans would come for him in waves.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

Here are some of the warnings fans left David on his Instagram post:

  • “Sir I hope you know that every woman in this country stands behind Christine, you better be good to her.”
  • “Treat this woman like a queen, she deserves it!!!!!!!!!!”

Do you agree the photo of Christine and David cuddling is adorable? Do you also agree that fans will come for David if he hurts Christine Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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