Caldwell Family Breaks Silence With Wholesome Update & Photos

Caldwell family Instagram

The Caldwell family, Kendra Duggar‘s parents, have finally broken their lengthy silence with a wholesome update and new photos. They have been pretty quiet on social media since December, but they had a great reason to resurface online. So, what did they share this time? And what do fans think? Keep reading for all of the details about the new post.

The Caldwell family goes silent.

Kendra’s parents, Christina and Paul Caldwell aren’t too active on social media these days. The couple previously shared photos and videos of their children and grandchildren. They gained a good number of followers due to their connection to the Duggars.

Below, you can see a throwback snap of Kendra with her sister Lauren and mom Christina.

Caldwell family Instagram
Caldwell family Instagram

It’s unclear why, but they last posted in December 2022. Prior to that, their most recent post was in March 2022. So, it certainly surprised fans that they shared another update to kick off a new week.

They finally break their silence with a wholesome update.

On Instagram on Monday, Christina resurfaced with a couple of cute photos of her two-year-old granddaughter Brooklyn and her one-year-old daughter Moriah. Brooklyn turned two in February 2023 and Moriah will be two in May. So, the girls are very close in age, and it looks like they are best friends.

Below, you can check out the post.


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As TV Shows Ace reported, this is the first time fans have seen a new photo of Brooklyn in several months. Kendra and Joseph have stopped posting on social media.

Fans react to the Caldwell family’s sweet new photos.

Of course, Duggar fans are loving the adorable new photos of Brooklyn and Moriah. After seeing the wholesome update from the Caldwells, fans flooded the comments with sweet words.

One fan sweetly said, “Little angels ❤️ just love your family. Miss seeing Joe and Kendra, I hope they’re doing well ❤️”

Another fan commented, “How adorable are they?? They look like besties!! ❤️”

Someone else added, “I see a mini Kendra and Lauren 😍 so sweet!”

Hopefully, the Caldwell family or Joseph and Lauren Duggar will begin posting on social media more often. Fans certainly seem to miss their posts.

So, what do you think of the Caldwell family’s latest Instagram post? Are you glad to see Brooklyn and Moriah again? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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