‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Melts Down & Leaves Fans Annoyed

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Katy Perry melted down over the weekend on an episode of American Idol and it left viewers feeling more frustrated with her than ever before. What exactly caused the judge to melt down? And, why are viewers so frustrated and annoyed by her? Keep reading for the details.

Katy Perry has massive meltdown

On last night’s episode of American Idol, fans were introduced to 21-year-old Trey Louis. Trey reveals that he survived the 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting that took the lives of eight students and two teachers. Trey Louis revealed

“A gunman walked into my school. I was in art room one, and he shot up art room two before he made his way to art room one. Lost a lot of friends.”

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After hearing his story, Katy Perry’s head immediately fell to the judging table. She came unhinged with tears falling down her face as she melted down. Her heart broke that this was the story Trey Louis had to introduce himself with. That this was the reason he was on the show. She desperately wanted him to be on the show because he loved singing and not because he was looking for happiness and joy.

“This is not OK! You should be singing here because you love music! Not because you had to go through that ****. You didn’t have to lose… friends. I hope that you remind people that we have to change, because, you know what? I’m scared too.”

Watch Trey tell his story and Katy meltdown in the clip down below:

American Idol viewers are annoyed with the judge

Reactions to Katy Perry’s meltdown have been all over the place. But, for the most part, American Idol viewers were annoyed because it felt like she was being dramatic and putting on a performance. Moreover, viewers were disgusted when they saw the other two judges comforting Katy instead of Trey Louis.

Some viewers argued it feels like Katy was trying to make the show and this particular moment more about her and felt disgusted by it. Here’s what some viewers had to say about Katy:

  • “They’re consoling her and not the kid who survived a mass shooting??”
  • “Katy Perry is sadly a hypocrite who campaigns for Republican gun-loving billionaires.”
  • “Luke can saves his fake tears, he is pro guns.”
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Some fans put Luke on blast too as he was tearing up next to Katy while being an individual who was pro-guns.

According to The Sun, there have been more than a few instances on the show involving Katy Perry seemingly trying to make the show entirely too much about her, and viewers at home are over it.

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