‘American Idol’ Ashley Tankard’s Comeback After 15 Dismissals

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Season 21 of American Idol is underway and with that comes Ashley Tankard. Her story not only includes rejection but so much more. She is bound to have fans at home rooting for her success. So what else is there to know about this American Idol hopeful? Read on for more details.

American Idol Ashley Tankard’s Comeback After 15 Dismissals

There are a lot of singers that come back to audition for the show several times. Ashley Tankard was actually told “no” by producers fifteen times in the past. This was devastating for Tankard who first auditioned when she was just fifteen years old. She then proceeded to keep going and trying for the golden ticket. Sadly, it never happened. According to Meaww, Ashley’s first rejection almost made her stop singing. “I’m gonna stop singing because it isn’t worth it,” she revealed.

Ashley Tankard/IG
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Her mental health has also been a struggle for her as it took her half a year to get over the first rejection. However, her struggles ran deeper. In January 2022, Ashley Tankard celebrated one year clean from self-harm. She shared this information along with some more positive messages on her Instagram page. The twenty-three-year-old acknowledges that she is lucky to be alive today. Tankard actually does not have a small social media following.

Ashley Tankard/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
As of now, she has almost 4K followers but once her story goes viral and she sings her heart out, her fanbase will expand. Her singing and self-written songs have been posted to her social media. Therefore, fans of AI can get a glimpse of what they are in for prior to the latest episode airing. Yet, why did she keep coming back after four rejections? It seems like something fueled her to audition for Season 21. Luckily, the fourth time she was told “no,” she was not nearly as hard on herself.

Growing Up Idol

Ashley Tankard’s reaction at nineteen was far different than that girl who wanted to stop singing at fifteen. She noted: “I am so proud of myself for not beating myself up this time. Every time I catch a tear falling down and my head hung low I gotta keep reminding myself that no matter when or where, my time will come and when that time comes, this will all make sense.” This never-giving-up attitude has clearly helped Ashley as she has finally made it to the American Idol judges. As to what will happen next is anybody’s guess. Hopefully, she won’t be hearing “no” for a long time to come.

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