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Al Roker Ignores ‘Today Show’ Producer’s Cues, Claps Back

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Al Roker ignored a Today Show producer’s cues. Instead, he clapped back at the crew member. The awkward moment took place during a live broadcast of the morning show. The co-anchors got into the kitchen to discuss healthy snacks. Keep on reading to learn more and see what sparked this tense moment.

Al Roker claps back at a Today Show producer

The 68-year-old meteorologist didn’t like having orders barked at him. On Friday’s broadcast of the Today Show, Al Roker tried to enjoy the snacking segment with his fill-in co-hosts Jacob Soboroff and Jill Martin. They enjoyed healthy snacks, such as pretzel chips, protein bars, and other things.

Today Show Eat Snacks [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Self magazine’s editor-in-chief Rachel Miller talked about each of the snacks as the co-hosts sampled them. They had their own little party. The NBC producers didn’t enjoy hearing them crunch loudly on the mic. Jill informed them that the producer was telling them to keep it down.

“Allie Markowitz, our producer just said, ‘TV bites guys, stop eating so much,'” Jill told them.

Al Roker didn’t like taking directions from the female producer. He clapped back: “Too bad! You’re not down here, Allie! We’re eating!” He looked at the camera when he said it.

Jacob Soboroff, Jill Martin, Sheinelle Jones & Al Roker [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Some of the Today Show viewers didn’t enjoy the snacking segment. Most of them took to Twitter during the live show to react. They called out those who were chewing too loudly on camera.

“[Jacob] is as bad as Craig [Melvin]… eating like he hasn’t eaten in a day. So disgusting. These food segments need to go,” one fan tweeted.

Is the meteorologist back to his bad behavior?

Al Roker is feeling much better these days. In late 2022, he was rushed to the hospital for multiple blood clots found in his lungs and legs. Al had to take an extended hiatus from the Today Show. He returned in January 2023 with his wife Deborah Roberts by his side.

Now that he’s feeling better, he’s back to his snappy self. In a previous segment, Al called out a guest and mocked a frazzled producer behind the scenes. Al, Jacob, and co-host Sheinelle Jones wrapped up the segment about the podcast called “Letters from Sing Sing.” The show’s producer, Dan Slepian, walked off the set earlier than usual.

“Dan’s doing a walk-off!” Al Roker exclaimed.

Al Roker Calls Out Guest [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
He continued to heckle the producer as he returned to his seat. Al asked him: “Hey, Dan! Have you ever done television at all?” Dan responded: “I’m the producer! I didn’t know we were done! Sorry!”

Sheinelle couldn’t stop laughing during the segment. Jacob hugged Dan to make him feel better. Al Roker joked they should all “walk off” the set now. “I thought we were done!” he added. “Keep walking, everybody! Here we go!” The show cut out with Sheinelle still laughing.

What are your thoughts on Al Roker ignoring a Today Show producer’s cues and clapping back at them? Do you think he’s back to his bad behavior? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. You think Craig it’s his food fast. Wharpt about Hoda the shoveler she shovels food in her mouth like she hasn’t eaten in days. Stuffs her mouth full and then tries to talk. Disgusting.just like the one has drink in his hand all the the time. Refused a taste the other day because he had a drink in his hand.

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