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TLC Furious Christine Brown Telling Production Secrets?

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Is TLC furious with Christine Brown over spilling production secrets? It appears that things are not all perfect in Sister Wives land thanks to Kody Brown’s ex-wife. So, why is TLC mad and what exactly did Christine share? Read on for more details.

TLC Furious Christine Brown Telling Production Secrets?

Has Christine Brown been spilling Sister Wives Season 18 production secrets? It might not be as easy as that but she reportedly has done too much too soon. It is no secret that Christine has been living her best life since she left Kody Brown in Flagstaff and moved to Utah. She has welcomed two new grandbabies and has finally found love with David Woolley. He is a man who cherishes her and she could not be beaming any harder. However, has her full transparency angered the TLC executives?

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According to The Sun, TLC is upset that Christine Brown has been so open about her new love and romance. They feel that she is giving away key spoilers for the upcoming year. Per a source: “The Sister Wives are filming and everyone is pretty much in their own world. Christine is the rebellious one – she’s the only one who’s been revealing spoilers of what’s to come on the next season.” The source went on to add: “Production is furious. They know they can’t control all her posts and tweets, but they are furious she’s leaking stuff.”

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Prior to her revelation about love, Christine Brown did show off her new Utah filming studio. Even when she and Kody were no longer together, she still had to trek to Flagstaff for confessional filming. She was thrilled to show off what production had set up for her. However, her last day in Flagstaff was very bittersweet and she admitted that. This had been her couch and home for so long where she opened up about many feelings. Now, she was leaving and it was really the end of a chapter.

What’s Next?

Since they are already filming Season 18, there is not much that can be done. Yet, by Christine Brown sharing these special details, it will only increase viewership. Fans will want to see how her ex-husband and former sister wives react to Christine dating and being in love. They will also care a lot about seeing her children interact with David on a more personal basis. Finally, there is so much more to the season than just Christine. Kody dealing with the loss of three wives will be interesting to see.

Do you think TLC has a right to be mad at Christine Brown? More so, do you think she overshares or is she helping to engage fans? Let us know in the comments below.



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