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Jessa Seewald Opens Up About Her Thoughts On Birth Control

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Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald is using her platform to share her thoughts about birth control. The Duggar daughter opened up with fans, revealing where she stands when it comes to family planning and spacing out children. Keep reading to find out what she said.

Jessa Seewald gets honest about pregnancy & miscarriage.

In a couple of new YouTube videos, which Jessa posted on Friday afternoon and evening, she shared some big news with fans. In the first video, the TLC star included a clip of her kids learning that she was pregnant with baby number five. However, at the end of the video, she revealed that something was wrong. She had been spotting, and then she showed a sonogram photo that read, “No FHR,” which means, “No fetal heart rate.”

The video ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans to speculate about what happened with the pregnancy. A couple of hours later, Jessa uploaded a second video, in which she revealed she had a miscarriage. Fans poured in with loving, encouraging messages.

Jessa Seewald - YouTube
Jessa Seewald – YouTube

What has the Duggar daughter said about birth control?

Also in Jessa Seewald’s first YouTube video, she spilled her thoughts about birth control. Because the two videos were all about her family expanding, it seemed fitting to talk about birth control at the same time.

She said that she doesn’t have a number of kids in mind. “We are not against birth control.” 

Then, she added, “While we are not against preventing a pregnancy or spacing kids or whatever, for sure there are categories that would be morally wrong for the Christian because they would take the life of a baby that’s already been conceived.” 

She continued, “We know that children are a blessing from the lord, but like with any blessing, it’s fine to manage that.” 

She said they are taking it “one kid at a time.” 

Ben and Jessa Seewald decide what’s best for her health, giving her time to recover between their kids. But they also believe that God is responsible for opening and closing the womb. 

So, what do you think of Jessa Seewald’s statement about the use of birth control? Does any of this surprise you? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. Below, you can watch the two most recent YouTube videos, which include the pregnancy announcement, miscarriage news, and her opening up about birth control.

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