Is Jade Roper Tolbert Ready For Baby Number 4?

Jade Roper, YouTube

Jade Roper might be thinking about having another baby soon. She and her husband, Tanner Tolbert met on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. Their adorable family includes two sons Brooks and Reed who are three and two. They also have a five-year-old daughter, Emerson.

Fans love following along with their relationship and seeing pictures of her kids on Instagram. In the past, we reported that Jade admitted she thinks about having another child daily. In 2021 she said, “I see one more in our little family, but right now I’m so tired all the time with three littles and working.” While she feels like they are ready for another baby, she said Tanner isn’t there yet. They are prepared for a fourth if the time feels right. Read on to see how they prepared.

Jade Roper Has A Name Picked Out

Jade Roper and Tanner have talked about having another baby. According to Bachelor Nation, Jade said, with Reed being almost two, it feels like, “the light at the end of the baby tunnel.” She also said she loves newborn snuggles.

Jade Roper , Instagram
Jade Roper, Instagram

If they decide to have a fourth, they have a name picked out but only if it’s a girl. They don’t have a boy name picked out they would use, yet. Jade loves capturing special moments for her Instagram and she shared a photo of the whole family in matching jerseys for the Super Bowl.  Furthermore, she shared a video on Instagram of her three children and captioned it, “is there a way to slow down time.” One fan replied, “sadly no way to slow down time I’ve tried my babies are 18 and 16.”

Pregnancy Doesn’t Come Easy For Her

Jade Roper has been very open about the struggles she’s faced during and after pregnancy. She shared, in the past, she became pregnant during the filming of BIP and they lost the baby. After having an easy road to getting pregnant with their daughter, their second child took more time and effort to conceive.

Roper suffered Post-Partum depression and PTSD after she had Brooks. She kept telling herself it would get better and she suffered with it for longer than she should have. Jade said the only thing that helped was getting pregnant with her third baby. She noted, “the hormones quickly changing evened me out.”

Jade Roper, YouTube
Jade Roper, YouTube

Jade wants people to know they don’t have to suffer if they have PPD. There are a lot of resources out there and she wishes she had gotten the help she needed. Roper also urged followers not to let anyone write off their concerns. They should advocate for themselves and get the help they need. What do you think about a fourth baby for the couple? Comment with your thoughts below.

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