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Tyler Baltierra Replies To Fans Concerned About His Kids’ Safety

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Tyler Baltierra is responding to fans who appear to be concerned for his kids’ safety. The Teen Mom star recently did something to his home for the benefit of the children. However, his followers were quick to send him messages regarding safety and such. Therefore, he decided to respond to them. What did he have to say? Read on for more details.

Tyler Baltierra Replies To Fans Concerned About His Kids’ Safety

One thing about Tyler Baltierra is that he is an amazing father. He has always stepped up when his wife, Catelynn Lowell had to seek help. Oftentimes, she just needed to work through the traumas she had faced in her life. Fortunately, Tyler was always an amazing shoulder to lean on, even if he had his own baggage. Now, he is defending a recent action that caused fans to reach out to the father of four. Apparently, he showed the anchoring of a television in the kids’ playroom.

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Fans were immediately concerned and reached out to him via his Instagram. However, he chose to let them know that everything was just fine and there was no cause for worry. In his story, along with a photo, he wrote this: “I wanted to thank everyone who have been messaging me about anchoring the TV in the kids playroom, but it was literally the FIRST thing we did when we were setting it up! But I genuinely appreciate all of your concern for my kiddos, so thank you!”

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Tyler Baltierra did not share if the messages were cruel or out of genuine concern. Yet, it seems like he has set the record straight so fans will know he and Catelynn were not negligent. His photo also attempted to demonstrate how well-mounted the television was to the wall so that there was visual proof. Along with their teenage daughter, Carly who was adopted at birth, the couple shares Nova, Rya, and Vaeda.

From The Beginning

To be fair, fans have been with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra since they started their MTV journey. They were initially featured on 16 & Pregnant when they gave up their baby for adoption. Fortunately, they were able to see her over the years and she even attended their wedding. They went on to welcome daughter Nova and two more daughters after that albeit experiencing a devastating miscarriage. Fans all witnessed this while Catelynn and Tyler were featured players on Teen Mom. Therefore, their concern could be from watching the whole family grow up right before their very eyes.

How do you think Tyler Baltierra handled the fans who messaged him with their concerns? Do you think he was grateful or defensive? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I think Tyler is a great dad and he handled the situation perfectly. He showed them what they were concerned about was nothing to worry about. People are quick to judge but he didn’t make any smart remarks, he just thanked them…right on Tyler.
    Not only is he a good dad, but a great husband and son. They’ve had a hard battle, but together they’ve shown people it can be done. When Catelynn had her anxiety attack on Mom’s Reunion show, she called him and there were no questions, he was on the next plane…then cleaned the house.
    Keep doing you guys…you’re a great example, not only for your kiddos, but other young parents.

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