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‘Today’ Prime-Time Star Leaves Savannah Guthrie Tear-Filled

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Today show’s prime-time star left Savannah Guthrie tear-filled in an emotional on-air segment. The host admitted she doesn’t know what to do after the celebrity paid a touching tribute to her. Fans too were touched by the celebrity’s statement claiming that it was the best example of women uplifting women. So, who was this special guest and what did they say about Savannah Guthrie? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mariska Hargitay Calls Savannah Guthrie A Badass

On Thursday’s episode, the NBC show welcomed Law And Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay. However, during the interview, the host looked visibly emotional. The pair discussed Hargitay’s character in the popular drama as well as her friendship with the late actor Richard Belzer. As the interview moved forward, the actress didn’t shy away from appreciating the host for her work over the years.

Savannah Guthrie YouTube

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She even paid tribute to Savannah Guthrie and said, “Hold on, I’m just going to say it ‘badass.’”

Savannah tried to hold back her tears and said, “Oh! Thank you,” before they high-fived each other. The celebrity continued, “I think you’re such a badass and I have so much respect for you. I want to say that. The way you are, the way you carry yourself. I want to say that.”

Savannah seemed delighted to hear those kind words and replied, “Now I don’t know what to do.”

Fans Claim The Conversation Brought Them To Tears

The clip was shared on Today show’s official Instagram account as fans flocked to the comments section appreciating Hargitay’s gesture. One said, “This moment was amazing!!! Women uplifting women… brought me to tears. We need to see this more often.”

Another fan claimed that Savannah is truly a badass. They even mentioned, “If Mariska Hargitay said those amazing things to me, I’d have been a weeping mess. Loved this conversation.”

Savannah Guthrie Mariska Hargitay YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Also during the chat, Hargitay revealed some details about her Law And Order co-star Ice-T and how they have been friends for more than two decades. She even shared the nickname she uses for her co-star. However, she insisted that Savannah Guthrie shouldn’t repeat the nickname and that only she can call him that affectionately.

Mariska Hargitay Reveals Her Nickname For Co-Star Ice-T

The pair has several milestones together including Ice-T’s latest induction to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She was even present at the event to help her colleague celebrate the special occasion. Hargitay even gave a sweet speech and revealed a sweet nickname for Ice-T. She said, “He lets me call him Icy!”

Mariska Hargitay YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, she did warn Savannah Guthrie stating that she is the only one allowed to use this name. The morning show host admitted, “I’m glad you told me that because if I tried it.”

Hargitay immediately cut it, wagged her finger, and said, “Oh, don’t! Don’t.”

What do you think of Savannah Guthrie’s special interview with Mariska Hargitay? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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