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Marska Hargitay Continues To Tease Benson & Stabler Romance

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Marska Hargitay just won’t let one of the slowest burning relationships in television history fizzle out as she continues to tease a Law & Order: SVU romance between Benson and Stabler. Is this a couple that fans of the SVU series will ever get to sink their teeth into? Or, will this slow-burning candle continue to tease fans until it fizzles out?

Turns out, Mariska Hargitay made an appearance on the TODAY show yesterday. And, she shared her thoughts on this slow-burning flame. What did the actress have to say about the potential of Benson and Stabler finally getting together? Keep reading for a recap!

Law and Order
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Marska Hargitay continues teasing fans with Benson and Stabler romance

First debuting back in the year 2000, Law and Order: SVU is currently airing new episodes of Season 24. Marska Hargitay has been with the series for 23 years playing the role of Olivia Benson. Christopher Meloni’s character, Elliot Stabler, was also part of the pilot episode of Law & Order. He, however, walked away from the series in May of 2011 after playing the character for 12 seasons. At the time, the actor revealed he couldn’t come to terms with the network on a salary. So, he walked away and the show had his character resign from duty off-camera in Season 13.

In leaving the door open with a resignation, Christopher Meloni’s character was able to return to the series. And, Elliot Stabler was introduced back into the series in April 2021. And, Law & Order fans were THRILLED to see Stabler and Benson together again. After all, it meant there was another chance for this romance to happen!

Law and Order
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During her appearance on the TODAY show, Marska Hargitay shared her thoughts on the chemistry between her character and Stabler. She admitted the most important thing for fans to keep in mind is simply the fact that Benson and Stabler have a very deep connection.

All you need to know is Benson and Stabler love each other deeply. It’s so deep! You know, the show is probably only gonna go another 23 years, so I think we should just wait and see!”

While Law & Order: SVU characters Stabler and Benson are not an official couple, most fans agree they are fantastic partners as it is clear they would die for each other without a moment of hesitation.

While everyone seems to agree this relationship should happen, it appears as if this candle may continue to burn slowly for a while. Fans, however, can find comfort in the fact that it does not appear as if the candle is going to burn out any time soon!Law and Order: Olivia and Elliot – NBC

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