Jenelle Evans On Road To Getting Jace Back From Mother

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Jenelle Evans appears to be on the road to getting her eldest son back from her mother, Barbara. Barbara has had custody of Jace since he was basically a baby. However, Jenelle has been able to spend a lot more time with her son over the years and the two ladies have tried to work together. So, what is happening between Barbara and Jenelle that could give the latter custody? Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans On Road To Getting Jace Back From Mother

It has been a long custody situation and many times, Jenelle Evans felt she and her mother were making headway. Yet, it seemed that the Teen Mom alum only got partial custody of Jace throughout the years. He fits in seamlessly with his siblings, Kaiser and Ensley. Plus, he is always on family vacations whether it’s skiing or something else adventurous. Now, reports are coming out that Barbara is finally ready to turn custody of her grandson over to his mother.

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According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Barbara has given up custody of the thirteen-year-old to his mama. Apparently, there is court paperwork that reveals Barbara is fine with Jenelle taking over custody. They have been back and forth for years with Jenelle always losing but now it is different. This is Barbara’s choice to turn over custody to her daughter. A source had this to say: “Jace has become too much to handle for Barbara. That’s the main reason she’s allowing Jenelle to have custody.”

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[Credit: YouTube]
As he gets older, it would make sense that he might be more rebellious and a typical teen. Now, Barbara may want to just be able to relax after raising both her kids and grandson. Keep in mind, Jenelle almost had custody in 2021 but then it went awry and she lost it. Jenelle Evans seemingly alluded to this in a Facebook post. She wrote: “I’m about to achieve the unthinkable and cannot wait to share the news with everyone.” Yet, is this can of worms being opened too soon?

Not Happening Just Yet

Earlier on Friday, Jenelle Evans headed back to Facebook where she gave an update. She posted this: “I’m not talking about custody at all. That’s not what I’m announcing. don’t listen to the media.” If Barbara has turned over Jace, this will be something that Jenelle will address in her own time. However, she has been scrutinized for her parenting, even with Jace. For his thirteenth birthday, she gifted him a dirtbike which fans deemed extremely dangerous. She has made some questionable choices but this may have worked in her favor.

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