‘Bachelor’ Producers Detail Scramble For Zach’s Virtual Ceremony

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross faced a first during his season of the show. While overseas and in London, Zach tested positive for Covid. This forced the remaining dates to be canceled. Since there was no way for Zach to complete the dates, producers scrambled to figure out what to do. The show still had to go on so to speak so they put together a first. Zach held the first-ever virtual cocktail party and rose ceremony. However, it wasn’t quite as easy as it may have appeared. Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor producers share how they pulled off the virtual ceremony

Entertainment Weekly shared what the Bachelor producers had to say about this first. They all knew that they were on a schedule and couldn’t afford to just stop filming. Plus, Zach himself also didn’t want to stop. Executive producer Bennett Graebner said, “Zach was really concerned that he was going to lose time with the women and not be able to further the relationships that had really started to take off. He was quite adamant that he was not going to send anyone home without spending time with them.”

Since Zach had Covid they could no longer use the English castle they have reserved for the rose ceremony so they had to scramble and think fast. They brainstormed and came together to figure out a plan.

Once they were positive that Zach did indeed have Covid they had to figure out something fast. It was actually Rob Mills who came up with the idea of doing it all virtually. The crew originally laughed and thought it was a bad idea. However, they went with it and tried to figure out what wouldn’t look ridiculous.

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Dave Miller said, “I cannot stress enough, the tech department, the lighting department, the audio department, the art department — every department, their expertise just shined on this one. They figured it out and they did it quickly and they did a great job. I mean, it’s the best job that could be possibly done.”

They had to figure out what looked good and not comical. Was Zach going to hold a rose out towards the camera as the ladies picked one up from the table in the hotel room? All of this had to be figured out quickly and they pulled it off. Graebner said, “So many of these things that we take for granted that are effortless when we’re shooting with everyone in person became really difficult.”

In the end, they got it right and pulled off a first.

They dished on Charity as well

One of the big disappointments of the week was that Charity didn’t get her one on one date. She and Zach were both disappointed. However, since their date was canceled due to Zach being in quarantine, she will still get her chance.

Luckily, Zach only missed this one week. His search for love continues next Monday on ABC.




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