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‘Young & Restless’ Boss Fires Entire Writing Team

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Young and the Restless co-producer and head writer, Josh Griffith, may have just shattered some sort of record in a decision to fire the entire breakdown writing team.

According to The Wrap, the Young and the Restless breakdown writing team consisted of five different writers and Josh Griffith just handed pink slips to all of them. Moreover, it appears as if the co-producer and head writer now plans to take on the job once tasked to the five writers on this team by himself.

What caused Josh Griffith to fire an entire team of writers? What was this team in charge of writing exactly? And, what does this mean moving forward? Keep reading for the details on this surprising mass termination.

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Young & Restless Boss Fires Entire Writing Team, Why?

According to The Wrap, multiple individuals with knowledge of Josh’s decision to axe an entire team of writers are speaking out with their thoughts on what happened.

One of the insiders explained that the breakdown writing team was responsible for creating a map of all the different storylines across the episodes. The insider told The Wrap this was a cost-cutting decision as tons of money will be saved if Josh Griffith takes on the job that was previously managed by a team of five writers.

The individual proceeded to reveal the mass termination was sure to be a hot topic because four of the writers were women and one of the writers was also hired for the purpose of expanding the diversity of employees working behind the scenes.

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A writer from a different daytime drama admitted the situation was a real “slap in the face” to the five writers being axed so Josh could cut cost writing the breakdowns and “line his pockets with more residuals.” 

Unfortunately, the individual explained that this was becoming the norm with soap writes as of late. The individual added: “Soap writers have long felt shafted by WGA and this doesn’t help matters.”

What are your thoughts on Josh Griffith’s decision to can an entire writing team for Young and the Restless because he can take on their responsibilities himself? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. This show has been headed for the dumpster for quite some time, & it’s high time someone did something about it! Twenty six yrs later, & it’s time to stop the BS!

  2. Maybe now with new writers the outcome will be different for Adam, and they can do something with Abby, Chelsea and Sharon these are good actresses that deserve a better storyline.

  3. Sounds like a big challenge for one person to take on. Please write more positive storylines and give this show and the Actors & Actresses more opportunities to showcase their talents.

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