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The Moment Robyn Brown Felt Empowered To Show True Face?

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Was there an exact moment when Robyn Brown felt that she could show her true face? Though she initially acted like she was all about the family, it was clear that was false. Now, she is Kody Brown’s last wife standing. So, when was the moment Robyn felt this empowerment to be her true self? Sister Wives fans think that they have nailed it so read on for more details.

The Moment Robyn Brown Felt Empowered To Show True Face?

Robyn Brown came into the Sister Wives family acting quite sweet. She was all about the family and the comradery with her sister wives. However, it was not too long into her getting engaged to Kody in Season 1 that fans saw she was clearly the favorite wife. He had an affinity for her, even secretly picking out her wedding dress. Yet, she sobbed her way through any hurt that she may have caused the family hence ‘Sobyn’ Robyn.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
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Eventually, she changed but when was it exactly? According to a Reddit thread, fans think that they have pinpointed when Robyn shifted from super sweet to manipulative and cruel. The OP had thought that the switch in Robyn came during the pandemic however, that changed after rewatching Season 12. “But something flipped during game night in season 12. Did anyone else notice this or am I just late to the game? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seemed like she was really showing off that Kody liked her the most or something?” the OP noted.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Fans were quick to chime in. “I think it was the legal marriage and then her second pregnancy sealed her resolve. Even before that she didn’t want Christine watching the kids. Sad Sol and Truely were so cute in the confessionals,” one wrote. Another agreed, adding: “I think the legal marriage flipped her. She really didn’t care after that if the favoritism was displayed. She seemed to relish it.”

Legal Marriage & Favoritism

Kody and Robyn Brown getting legally married in 2014 seemed to be the general consensus among Redditors as to when she changed. It was like she had something that none of the other wives had. Yet, Kody’s former first wife, Meri only divorced him for a sweet reason. If he married Robyn, he could then legally adopt her three children from a previous marriage.

As for favoritism, this is a theme that has been going on for a long while. Former third wife, Christine’s daughter, Aspyn even noticed how Kody spent more time with Robyn and her kids early on. Though Robyn said she did not want monogamy, looks like that is exactly what she has now.

When do you think Robyn Brown felt liberated enough to show her true face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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