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‘Stranger Things’: David Harbour Is Ready For The End

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All good things must come to an end, even Stranger Things. David Harbour reflects on his experience with Stranger Things as he talks about accepting the close of this chapter. He spoke about how funny it is that at the start of the show, he never wanted it to end. “That’s why I love the show. I think it’s a great show, even if I wasn’t in it,” he said during the Discussing Film interview.

And yet, with the strong ties to the storyline and characters he still welcomes the close of the adventure. He mentioned the whole crew has grown, and after 9 years since filming began it is naturally time for the show to end. Stranger Things is the type of show fans want to see what happens but they don’t want it to end. However, even with that sentiment fans never want a show to out-ride its time.

Season 5 of Stranger Things Keeps Things Moving

TeenVogue quoted The Duffer Brothers saying, “With nine scripts, over eight hundred pages, almost two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice the length of any previous season, Stranger Things 4 was the most challenging season yet, but also the most rewarding one,” The fifth season will absolutely be packed with new challenges and twists. The Duffer Brothers are known for their talent. They interweave new characters and old seamlessly. They keep the plot line moving and the monsters exciting!

The fifth season promises to have the same entertaining and beloved characters and new curves. The Duffer Brothers said they plan to introduce fewer new characters this season. Instead, they will focus on some of those that are fan favorites. The opening episode of the fifth and final season is titled “Chapter One: The Crawl.” Fans await each breadcrumb Netflix throws out about the last season. There’s a large following for the series and it has broken more than one billion views.

There is so much more to come from the Duffer Brothers and from all the cast. Maya Hawke said, “I’d love to die with honor, as any actor would,” in Rolling Stone from September 2022. “But I love the way that the Duffer Brothers love their actors. The reason that they write so beautifully for me and for everyone else is because they fall in love with their actors.”

All Good Things Must Come To An End

David Harbour also told Discussing Film that it was time for the show to come to an end. He said, “Now we’re almost nine years from filming the first season, and I think it is time for it to end.” It sounds like David thinks the show has run its course, but fans might not agree with that. Many would love to see Stranger Things continue.

Fans look forward to seeing where their writing takes Season 5 as well as other shows they venture into after Stranger Things is complete. As David Harbour mentions in his Discussing Film interview, there is so much potential for all of the cast to do great things. Harbour has already broken away to showcase his acting skills in several new areas. He has been seen recently as Santa Clause in Violent Night and Ernest in the new Netflix original film We Have a Ghost. Fans are already seeing many of the cast pop up in new features.


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Noah Schnapp has talked about filming starting after his college semester per Collider. Fans are eager to hear more about the release date. Collider also referenced that in Season 5, The Duffer Brothers are planning to pull from the big Season 2 ideas that couldn’t all be squeezed in. Hold tight fans and keep up the anticipation to see the ultimate fate of each character as it nears the bittersweet series end of Stranger Things.

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