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‘Loose Women’ Nadia Sawalha Blocks Trolls & Let’s It All Hang Out

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Nadia Sawalha blocks the trolls and lets it all hang out on social media. The Loose Women co-host told fans that she will continue to flaunt her body into her 70s. Keep on reading to learn more and see the snapshots for yourself.

Loose Women star vows to keep posting sexy photos

Nadia Sawalha doesn’t care about the hate she’s getting on social media. She said she will continue to post sexy clips and photos that her fans have been loving lately. The 58-year-old let it all hang out on Instagram. Last week, she shared a clip of herself in black sheer lacy lingerie. Nadia wore the bustier and under-pants combo with a garter and stockings.

In the video, she tugged at her lingerie. She walked around her bedroom as she figured out how to wear it. At one point, she pulled at the strings. Nadia turned around at the camera and put her arms in the air as a sign of defeat.

Nadia Sawalha [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“Did you get JUST what you’ve always wanted for Valentines too ? Ffs …..😂,” Nadia Sawalha wrote in the caption.

In another Instagram video, she wore black lace chemise over a black bra. Nadia put her hands through her light brown curly hair. She got ready to have her favorite snack in the kitchen. The British personality seductively made a potato chip sandwich after deciding against cooking a pot roast.

Nadia Sawalha Cooks In Lingerie [Source: Nadia Sawalha - Instagram]
[Source: Nadia Sawalha – Instagram]
“Was going to cook a roast .. couldn’t be arsed ..” Nadia Sawalha wrote in the caption. “Crisp sandwich anyone?”

The television show host doesn’t care how she comes across on social media. She’s doing sexy her way. However, that hasn’t stopped trolls from attacking Nadia on social media. She continues to block them as she has complete control over her content.

Nadia Sawalha opens up about her body dysmorphia

In a candid interview, the talk show host opened up about her “undiagnosed body dysmorphia.” Nadia Sawalha collaborated with Symprove to promote a healthy gut. She admits that she’s not as “body confident” as she comes across. Her relationship with her body is still a “work in progress.”

“It all comes from my insecurities — when I look at someone as beautiful as Kim Kardashian, I have that bit of envy,” Nadia Sawalha told The U.S. Sun. “Then out of that comes my humor at myself, I laugh at myself. It makes me step away from my own insecurities — in my 70s who knows how my insecurities will shift, but I will be doing the same thing, I just love it.”

Nadia Sawalha Wears Lingerie [Source: Nadia Sawalha - Instagram]
[Source: Nadia Sawalha – Instagram]
She admits that she just blocks the trolls and moves on with her life. Nadia prefers not to look at the comments on Instagram or Twitter. She’s not here to take “any kind of abuse,” but she’s open “to be challenged.” Fans love her sexy lingerie clips and photos.

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