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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown The Fall Guy For Kody’s Hoarding?

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Has Robyn Brown been taking the blame as the hoarder of the Sister Wives family when the real hoarder has been her husband Kody all along? Where did this hoarding accusation originate from? Turns out, Sister Wives fans decided to dive into it recently on Reddit. So, Tv Shows Ace decided to take a closer look as well!

Is Robyn Brown a hoarder?

Doing a bit of deep diving, it appears that it may have been Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball who started the accusation that Robyn Brown was a hoarder. The YouTuber claimed that she was speaking to family members connected to Robyn Brown’s ex-husband. Family members who painted a picture of Robyn that fans didn’t get to see. Turns out, Robyn allegedly had a serious shopping problem. She would buy tons of clothing and hide them in a shed/garage outside and bring them in slowly over time so her husband didn’t notice.

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As fans know, Robyn Brown had a serious amount of debt when she first entered Kody Brown’s family. Many fans suspect Robyn spelled the money and wanted to be on television. So, she was quick to link up with Kody and make sure she was his favorite wife. During one cringy moment in an episode from the most recent season, Robyn actually referred to Kody as her “best customer” and fans still aren’t sure what she meant.

Now, fans don’t know if there is any truth to the accusations she has a shopping problem and she is a hoarder. But, fans think that she may be taking the blame for Kody in her current living situation.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown Youtube

Is Kody Brown a hoarder?

During this most recent season of Sister Wives, fans learned that Kody Brown keeps a variety of stuff that he needs at each of his wives’ houses. He does this so he can go from house to house without having to take much of everything with him. While it may have been more convenient, it presented a real problem when Christine left him and he suddenly had to find a place for all of the stuff he kept at his house that he likely already had one of at Robyn’s house. Things got even worse for Kody when Janelle continued to move into spaces that were too small for him to store anything.

Losing all of his wives but Robyn, fans now question if this means Kody now has 3 or 4 of everything at Robyn’s house. Did he get rid of anything or is he the real hoarder of the family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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